Tatiane Profile

Name: Tatiane
Country: Brazil
Weight: 55kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18
Occupation: College Student

Proud and Ambitious

To describe most 18 year old girls as wonderful is plain overstatement.

IN TATIANE’S case, it is the perfect word. She comes from the poor quarters of Sao Paulo in Brazil and from the age of 14 worked with her mother selling tablecloths in the street to tourists. The hard times made Tatiane's smile rare, but it also made her resilient and ambitious.

Tatiane went back to selling tablecloths from dawn till dusk. She saved the money she didn't give her mother. As soon as she had enough, she found a photographer and with her modest portfolio started contacting photographers all over the world. A few months before her 18th birthday, she got an invitation for two months work in Amsterdam. It was a dream come true.

With her rare smile, vibrant personality and gritty determination, Tatiane is a real Hegre Girl.

Tatiane in leather chair September 3rd, 2004
I'm speachless with admiration but luckily my fingers can still type... Wow!
Tatiane on the stairs August 29th, 2004
I cant believe how sexy beautiful this girl is. These pictures shot in natural light really show off her gorgeous light brown flawless skin. This girl is perfection.
Tatiane - Brazilian Teaser August 7th, 2004
Tatiane - Brazil teaser
Informal, whimsical, delightful -- and very sexy!
Smoking fetish here?
I don't find smoking all that sexy. Sure when Alyssa Milano went vampire on Embrace of the Vampire, she made it look good. But thats the only time. I'm not saying it should be banned. Like say some people in the MPAA in America would like to do with movies. But some sort of restraint maybe. But then again, I'm not one for viewing models in sunglasses either. I must see the model's entire face. I can't take the body without the head. Which is where Tatiane Luba and any other model here smashes anybody like Pam Andersen into tiny pieces of Cinder blocks.
the best
Tatiana , you are the best . hope to see more of you here...
Tatiane blowing and jumping June 25th, 2004
would've been interesting had she caught her fro in that fan.
Tatine has the cute's personality
Tatine seems carefree and fun. She is just fun to watch to see what she will do next. She if beautiful inside and out.
Tatiane takes off her white panties June 11th, 2004
Tatiane takes off her white panties
She is magnificent. I was so looking forward to even few ordinary pics, even of Tatiane standing around in those sweet panties. To say the least, I am disapointed. She will look just perfect putting makeup on, standing in front her dressing table in slippers, panties and bra, a type of photo which can be just as artistic as the upside down ones.