Olga Profile

Name: Olga
Country: Russia
Weight: 45kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Delicate Flower

Audrey Hepburn plays the role of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's and, from the moment she stares wide-eyed and the camera, you are madly, passionately in love with her.

OLGA HAS the same appeal, the same unfathomable charisma. She is delicate, waif-like, unutterably adorable. You want to take her into your arms and, like Holly Golightly, you are not exactly sure whether you wish to do so as a protector or a lover.

Olga brings this same quality to the camera with her first photo shoot and gives off the distinct feeling that you are in the presence of a rising star, her young body still forming and finding its womanly curves.

Modeling is Olga's passport to the fashion circuit of Europe but, like Audrey Hepburn, who was born in Holland, Olga's ticket west goes all the way to Hollywood.

Olga in chair April 5th, 2003
The Cosmos
You're in some serious trouble doing this all the time. I'd go crazy! This is definitely sensural overload of the first magnitude. Good luck with keeping your brain focused on everyday functions. And the women of Eastern Europe are definitely some of the most beautiful on earth. Polygamy is starting to look like a workable thing, now.
Olga Angel Eyes February 11th, 2003
Beauty in simplicity
I have to agree with the concept that there can be great beauty in simplicity. And her face is exquisitely delicate :) But what's her name? I'm surprised that she and a few other girls seem to have no name...