Engelie Profil

Nom: Engelie
Pays: Ukraine
Poids: 47kg
Taille: 168cm
Age: 20
Profession: Masseuse

Le physique avant tout

Engelie adore le corps humain. Elle en tire du plaisir ainsi que de celui des autres. Il est le reflet de sa personnalité.

Dans son pays natale, l'Ukraine, elle était sur le point de devenir une grande joueuse de tennis. “J'aurais pu le faire aussi” elle rigole “Pourtant mes seins se mettaient tout le temps sur mon chemin”. Mais elle ne s'en plaint pas évidemment. Ces seins généreux, voluptueux lui ont donné beaucoup de plaisir. Elle n'est pas la seule à penser qu'ils sont magnifiques.

Etant une fille si sportive, elle s'est fait beaucoup masser. Ce qui lui a fait se demander comment ça serait de masser d'autres filles. Naturellement cela inclut son amie proche Kiki. A présent elle peut se faire plaisir avec tous les fantasmes dont elle rêvait secrètement.

“Réjouissez-vous” est la devise de cette fêtarde. “Réjouissez-vous d'elle” est la nôtre.

Cliquez ici pour la rencontrer en personne !

Engelie Toilette sensuelle October 21st, 2014
well, that was definitely one of the nicer motion pictures I've seen on here of late! lovely!
Welcome back, Dark Temptress!
I don’t know if “Engelie sensual cleansing” was originally the prelude or the continuation to the unforgettable, unparalleled and mesmerizing “Body body girl girl massage” (put on line more than two and a half years ago), the best film of this type in Hegre.com (for the moment), but they are bound: same bathroom (at Koh Samui?), same kind of music (bathroom scene in BBGGM)… and Engelie, of course. Like Coxy (see “Coxy Mermaid”), Engelie is one of the three or four most beautiful “venusian” women we have ever seen here. This Ukrainian brunette (Mediterranean type, almost a Romanian or a Greek woman, with a “Gipsy Girl” flame in the face, especially in the eyes) has sculptural curves in every part of her body and is really very hot: maybe sweet Tigra, in BBGGM, at times just touched her lightly or even flied over her skin because she didn’t want to be burnt. Anyway, I appreciate that, in both of these films, Engelie’s left foot is free of any tattoo: she is a “dark temptress”, that’s for sure, but certainly not a “bad girl”.
Engelie quelle allumeuse December 26th, 2012
Engelle what a tease
Very beautifull
From the first, Engelie, all Nude...what tits! So plump and full...tits that any girl would be proud of. Love photo 9...yeah...turn around girl...show that butt! And what a Butt our Engelie has..those perfectly round bare buns! Ecstasy! And what's that? A hint of butthole? Oh yes...Good Girl for showing your butthole! Mmmm...photo 17...wide open cunt lips! And what a smile! Oh Engelie! Thank you dear!
Engelie is my favorite, so much personality and beauty. The pictures show her personality so well. Beauty added to personality is Nirvana
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie fête piscine December 19th, 2012
feminine magic
Four gorgeous honeys in a super show. Very nicely done. A swift towelling then off to the disco for some hot dancing would have made an excellent finale. Maybe next time. Really great to see lovely Candice keeping good company.
pool party
hot temperature in the pool
The Multiple Cunt Effect
There is something about seeing four cunts open up, as in photos 24 and 25, that is greater than four times the pleasure of seeing one. Call it a mystery. Call it the Multiple Cunt Effect.
Boredom? Loathing even?
Candice's face is a turn-off in most of the pictures. As soon as she smiles things are completely different. Does she really hate what she's doing most of the time? And while we're at it: her tiny patch of pubes doesn't fit the scenery. If you need a helping hand to get rid of it - I'll be available. Anytime.
The fiery 4 are back! GRROWL!!!
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie équipe de rêve November 23rd, 2012
I can't get enough of Kiki and her delicious sixpack. Please make another video of her soon. I'd love to see the sweat run off her, straining and racked with desperate pleasure as orgasm after orgasm are ripped from her wet little body.
Lovely photo set, though far too few photos.
Engelie perspective extrême November 18th, 2012
Engelie a Year Later
Sex Goddess Engelie deserves recognition a year later. Oh what a beauty! Not only does she have a gorgeous face, full tits, and super sexy round buns, Engelie brought such spirit and joy to posing nude! We all miss you Engelie!
Any perspective
is a nice perspective. As long as Engelie is in sight.
What a lovely woman to behold thus on my birthday, FULLY NUDE & FREE! Now, to have ENGELIE, YANKA, COXY, KIKI, FABI, VALERIE, MURIEL & FLORA in a photo shoot/video together (all fully nude and oiled-down - smiles) would truly be the icing on my cake! Yummy!!!
lovely from any perspective!gotta love the ant's eye view!
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