Elina Profile

Name: Elina
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 52kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Her hippie spirit cannot be contained…

Meet our new model, Elina. With her long blonde hair, mellow blue eyes, and toned frame, she looks like a girl who plays balls with the boys, but also makes their hearts swoon.

Deep down, Elina is a total hippie. Originally a country girl, she loves to wander the world and discover new adventures. Her free and generous spirit is all about “make love, not war.”

Posing for Hegre was also part of her “no taboos” approach to life. For Elina, if there’s a boundary, she’s going to cross it. You can’t hold her back; all you can do is entice her to stay awhile.

And when she stays, times are good. She’s playful, easy-going, and ultimately grateful for everything she’s got. As are we. Welcome, Elina!

Elina Self massage November 18th, 2017
Great looking girl with a hot body and captivating pussy. I love seeing all these amazing pussies on this site :)
lovely girl! Here's hoping she crosses MANY boundries!
and very sexy body
Spread 'em
Gave us a true meaning of the term. Also, Elina and Joli should compare notes on what I refer to as their pussy tongues. They could be twins in on this note. :-)
Perfect few shots at the beginning. Like to see these in other models as well. Like her clean behind.
cute little pussy
Thank you for the sole photos - pretty woman but too little facial expressions during the photo shoot. A lot gets lost when the woman looks like she's waiting for a bus!
Siempre es grato darle la bienvenida a una nueva integrante del selecto cast de Peter, pero respecto del set de fotos más q un masaje de auto-estimulación lo que nos presentan es una generosa mostración de concha con apertura de labios incluida.
WELCOME ELINA - спасибі за подарунок на день народження!
What a joy it is to be honored today (NOVEMBER 18th, 2017) by the presence of this free-spirited Woman au naturel!
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