Dominika Profile

Name: Dominika
Country: Poland
Weight: 53kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Body Rhythm

Our bodies move to a daily rhythm which governs every single gesture and hormone.

WE ARE a mixture of water and chemicals of which we may be ignorant, but the cocktail creates our personality and nature. Dominika is a highly intricate timepiece that always runs a little slow…she's late getting up in the morning, and like a spoiled cat, Dominika just wants to stretch out on the bed and relax.

It makes for some pretty interesting shots, her raven black hair about her shoulders, her full luxurious body, her lazy smile so sensuous it sets the pendulum of desire in slow motion. Dominika is well known on the model circuit and enjoys late nights and Polish vodka in her native Warsaw.

The Hegre team caught up with her at the SAS Hotel for their first session, and then with her best friend Sylwia, he got the girls lying around in the nude doing absolutely nothing.

Dominika darling September 5th, 2003
Dominika (all)
Dominika is a very pretty girl with a fine body and it is very pleasing to look at her.
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