Maja Profil

Nom: Maja
Pays: Pologne
Poids: 49kg
Taille: 168cm
Age: 18
Profession: Étudiante

Finie la timidité

Lorsque Maja, accompagnée d’Anna, a rendu visite à Petter Hegre lors de son excursion en Pologne, elle n’aurait jamais imaginé qu’elle ferait du mannequinat.

POSER NUE ? Hors de question. Elle venait à peine de terminer le lycée et était bien trop timide, disait-elle ; elle accompagnait juste son amie afin de la soutenir. Petter a fait quelques clichés d’Anna et, lorsqu’ils commencèrent la séance, les grands yeux marrons de Maja grossirent encore plus, et lorsqu’elle prit fin, elle s’assit sans broncher, nerveuse, sur le bord de son siège.

Hegre demanda si elle voulait faire quelques essais, juste pour s’amuser. Elle fit un signe de la tête et posa timidement. Enlève juste ton haut pour l’instant... elle enleva son haut et il fit quelques clichés supplémentaires. Ton jean maintenant, s’il te plaît... le jean s’envola à son tour, ainsi que le soutien-gorge blanc, sa petite culotte, puis elle s’étira de tout son long et ne voulut pas que la séance prenne fin.

Puis ils ont tourné un film : Anna et Maja au lit, et Maja nous a démontré qu’elle est tout sauf timide.

Anna et Maja dans la nature January 24th, 2006
lovely photoes of two very pretty unspoiled girls.
anna & maja
petter, this fotos are a bit out of focus. not the quality we expect from you. Tony
Anna et Maja beautés de plage November 26th, 2004
Ultra Babes!
Maja première prise May 3rd, 2004
Cute girl with ideal body
Very cute girl with perfect body. Longer hair and shaved crotch would be nice. It's too bad she did not like the solo sessions.
Maja's first session
Very nice but how about some shots of her fully clothed and slowly undressing?
truely a classic beauty.
beauty in its finest form
This lady is stunningly beautiful. She is the reason I joined today so that I could see the rest of her pictures. I love them.
Very Sweet
Her pairing with Anna is inspired but I'd really love to see more of her in solo shoots. She's a mind-bending mix of sweet and sexy, let's see more of her PLEASE :)
Anna & Maja au lit January 17th, 2004
Best Yet!
These two beautiful models work very well together and obviously enjoy each other. Nice to see the more free flowing-less static posing that this film offers. Very nice lighting and good musical score as well.
Great tention in the room!
These saasy girls will keep the tention and strech all they can! And you WILL by it! It's good! Very good....I just wanted them to touch eachother more :-)
This film has two beautiful girls posing on a bed, but one (Anna) seemed to force her way to the front, while her to-me-lovelier friend (Maja) too often had to peer out from behind her. They really don't relate to one another at all, except that Maja did look at Anna occasionally. Petter, think of posing Maja by herself in a future shoot.
Anna et Maja et le miroir January 5th, 2004
Maja is really beautiful.