Gia Hill y Noma

Gia Hill y Noma Perfil

Gia Hill y Noma
Nombre: Gia Hill y Noma
País: EUA
Peso: 66kg
Altura: 186cm
Edad: 22
Ocupación: Modelos

Dos cuerpos, una personalidad

Conoce a las gemelas idénticas de 22 años de Florida, USA. Estas impactantes chicas son dos cuerpos pero una única personalidad. Así que por primera vez tenemos un perfil para dos modelos.

Y qué cuerpos. No solo son altas, son dos torres entre las modelos. De hecho, son las modelos más altas con las que Petter Hegre ha trabajado nunca. Y a pesar de que podrían parecer refinadas modelos de pasarela, de hecho es mucho más probable que las encuentres relajadas con los pies sobre la mesa, comiendo bocadillos de mantequilla de maní.

Sorprendentemente, ambas gemelas tienen problemas manteniendo a sus novios (¡Todavía tienes posibilidades!). El lazo entre ellas es tan fuerte que es difícil para cualquier hombre meterse entre ellas.

Natales de un pequeño pueblo en Florida, eran molestadas desde niñas por sus cuerpos diferentes. Pero, unidas nada las podía tocar. Han crecido para ser mujeres juguetonas, seguras y sexualmente abiertas.

Comparten la misma increíble apariencia, pero también un lazo que sólo puede existir entre gemelas. Con estas modelos, realmente recibes el doble del placer.

Noma desnuda por Gia Hill December 21st, 2015
Noma nue ...
Beaucoup de plaisir. Merci
More Please
Can't get enough of them, separately or together.
The armpit stubble is very sexy. I would appreciate lots more of this in the future
I totally agree!
Love the girls with the taught bellies and B &C cups... What a hottie.
Nice juxtaposition of clean white tights with naughty poses.
It takes someone with outsize personality, like Noma, to break out of the comfortable and predictable routine that most latest photo sets follow - a lineup of pretty models shot in front of a few rotating backgrounds ( a concrete wall, a white elevated platform, nude beach). While technically impeccable, most of them look to me like figure studies for a drawing class - nice but sterile. This set, even though shot in the same physical space, has two major differences - one in front of the camera, the other behind. There is chemistry in it, there is exhibitionism, there is playfulness, there is passion, as well as fierce intelligence. There is connection. This one is alive! Maybe I am reading too much into this, but I have been a member for quite a few years now, and miss the immediacy and variety of Petter's earlier work. I hope we can see it again.
Gia Hill posando para su hermana Noma July 31st, 2015
HUGE fans of Gia and Noma! They know no limits or bounds and express their uninhibited freedom with their perfect bodies to perfection!
Gia Hill desnudos por Noma June 22nd, 2015
Gia Hill by omaVous êtes
Vous m'avez surpris par votre créativité. You succeeded in surprising me, very beautiful slide show. Merci.
Gia Hill Nudes by Noma
Too many snaps poorly focused because of camera shake. Use a tripod and e-shutter release cable. Please.
RE: Gia Hill Nudes by Noma
I see nothing wrong with this set! very well done, indeed! keep up the good work!
Gia Hill y Norma gemelas sincronizadas May 21st, 2015
If you have not seen the videos of these two at their wildest, you need to go find them and watch! These two are amazing and have no limits to what they are willing to show and do! Crazy for these girls!
seein' double
Pretty. Seriously. Awesome.
nice to see these two sexy gymnasts again! much more to come, I hope!
Twister Sisters
Would love to get tangled up between these two tempting teasers. Double Trouble!
Acting as if they have all their clothes on and dancing on a large stage. Well brought to image.
Gia and Noma ... twins ?
Gia and Noma look twins, indeed. Amazing show. Congratulations.
Mowby Dick
Amazing, More Please
Gia & Noma
Yes, they looks twins, pretty small tits with nice pussy and ass. Great
Gia Hill desnudos explícitos por Noma November 28th, 2014
Gia Hill explicit nudes by Noma
really nice!!
GIA HILLWunderschön die schamlippen
Hallo, wunderschön die entfallteten Schamlippen - wie ein Schmetterling
Gia by Noma
The Hill twins are two of the hottest models you've ever had; and Noma is obviously a budding genius photographer. Hope to see more of both of them.
GIA HILL - Statuesque Nude
GIA brings to mind Pygmalion who was miraculously made flesh because of its maker's love for what had been a colossus nude woman marble statue.
looks like another budding artist is blooming!
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