Massage à l'huile en Toscane

March 1, 2010
11 Commentaires

Partagez cette expérience d'un massage à l'huile et de détente avec Gabriella, mannequin brésilienne, dans un film qui explore l'art du massage sensuel.

Chaque centimètre du corps de Gabriella est massé et caressé, la mettant dans tous ces états de plaisir et de détente.

Filmée dans un Spa en Toscane, régalez-vous en contemplant la ravissante Gabriella et cette pratique sensuelle et envoutante.

  • Durée d'exécution : 47:53 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

You massase is perfect.
So beautiful!!!!
Tuscan Oil Massage
This was a very good massage, on a beautiful young lady with a beautiful body. The only thing I would have changed is that she would have smiled, at least at the end of the massage when she was getting off the table to put back on her robe.
Sometimes I like the ones that aren't overtly sexual, but I have to confess, going at least a little further than this one did is my preference. At the very least, the masseuse should get a good handful of the model's breasts a few times. Still, Gabrielle's body is incredible, so this still looks great.
RE: Nice
Agree,hardly touched her breasts or vagina..... would have been nicer. Very professional massage. I'd love one twice a week please!
Better for the viewer?
Very thorough and sensual; even erotic yet not a sign from Gabriella as to whether she enjoyed it. 8^/
Always my favorite
With so so so many gorgeous models on, Gabriella has been my favorite from the very start. I love those curves, those tits, and that beautiful brown Brazilian sun-kissed skin of hers. Simply delicious! As to this massage.... OMG! What an incredible display of the hottest woman ever! I'm so glad she chose this profession!
Another Massage for Gabriella?
The massage videos have become more enjoyable for both the viewers and the models. Might I suggest another video of Gabriella titled "Multi-Hour Orgasmic Massage"? I would be willing to offer my assistance to relieve the masseuse as needed.
This film is beautiful sensual and gently erotic it was a pleasure to watch, thank you.
Well that is one hot body I would love to get my hands on. Can I volunteer to massage Gabriella next time please?
RE: Gabriella
Me too