Therapeutic Thai Massage

November 6, 2012

It’s tough being a top model. Monroe shows how she takes on the punishing routine.

Just kidding. It’s actually a great combination of work and pleasure for her. There’s no reason why she can’t enjoy it when she gets a thorough workout everywhere. It’s all part of getting her ready for the day and night demands she puts on herself.

It’s a session just like she wanted. It’s so good she doesn’t want it to stop. So she has to carry it on with some self-massage of her own.

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Members' Comments

One of the best massage films!!!
Monroe Wanting More?
It seems that Monroe wanted more than she got from this massage. Like most viewers, i suspect!.
love how monroe beckoned to us at the end! more to come? a shower, perhaps?
Is there a reason why the masseuse is blurred? I like to see the woman giving the massage as well the one receiving it.
RE: Reason?
most likely because she doesnt want to be seen
In the room
I love the way you smile at the camera Monroe. You have a way of making me feel I am in the room with you.
Re: In the room
’m with Verne on this one. I like it when the model looks at the camera because it is just like she is looking at me so I feel involved.
Re: Re: In the room
I do not think you can generalise. It depends on what turns you on. Personally I do not like it when the model smiles at the camera etc. because it makes it seem artificial somehow. I like to think that I am looking on unobserved. I guess that make me a Peeping Tom. That’s fine with me.
Turned on
Great ending. I enjoy the way that she has been turned on by her massage.