Tantric Therapy Massage

May 22, 2018
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There is so much truth in fingers. When a massage therapist moves her hands over her client, she spreads truth across and into him. The truth of love, comfort, and peace.

It is an intimate experience to be devoutly wished. But if you don’t happen to have an accomplished tantric massage therapist in your town, here’s your chance to take the long sweet ride. It will show you things you never knew existed.

The close-ups in this film will bring shivers down your spine. As her hand strokes his massive, hardening manhood, you can feel the world shaking. And then it explodes, and pure bliss spreads across the universe.

And thanks to Hegre, all you have to do is watch to be there.

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To get his load out even if he never reached a full hard-on. That’s skill!
I love seeing Zana in videos but wish she was in much more. When will we see more videos of her doing a mutual tantric massage?
There's a bunch of videos with anal play on the women, would be interesting to have it for the men as well!
Better that both the subject (Mike) and the masseuse be FULLY NUDE together.
Love her
I lover her, her body, the black leggings.... please more with her like this
I love
I love the precum , and the sounds of the penis being handled !
Skilled therapist! Wow...
Totally sold me on getting a tantric massage. I see a few advantages of an African male model and like them, but we could use some white and maybe some younger cock for a change. This girl is just beautiful and obviously really likes what she is doing. Nice.
Very nice - natural, tender and sensual.
Opposite view
I have the opposite view to some who have posted. The sessions on this sight are overwhelmingly girl only or girl girl. And there are thousands of sites that do the same. The male/female stuff is why I subscribe to this site
Beautiful two people
Delightful video showing two most beautiful people. Exclusive content, for sure. No seperation between male and female beauty. That's how it should be.
Not for me and did not join to see naked men especially hard and having orgasm.
This is not what i want to see.Where are the g/g massages?
The massuese is dressed, so I didn't bother to watch the video.
I really like the sight of love juice oozing from his manhood while she skilfully caress them like a goddess
Would love to see this same sort of thing from the ladies. Real wetness please
No thanks
Sorry, this is not for me. I want to see naked women not men. I am happy with a few couples shoots and videos as the wife likes them but even she has no interest in men only ones.
How the hell can he go for an hour with his dick and balls be handled so lovingly without shooting his wad? The look on her face as she milked the last drop out was perfect...
Good Handjob. But if more massage for anus maybe more better.
Nice Massage
I think this was a good presentation of what a Tantric Massage should be. I hope to have one some day, but so far ... not so much. A conventional massage with a "happy ending" yes, but not a true Tantric Massage. I loved the way his orgasm made her smile. This was more of an instructional video for a masseuse, and not something I will watch for personal pleasure. It is what it is, and worthwhile for that reason.
I have no time for male only erotica. Sorry.
I’m glad you did this video so you can check it off your list. Not what I joined to see at all and not a turn on for me....maybe some but not me. Hope to see more beautiful girls like Ariel and others as I want to see girls nude here and them cum, not guys.
Terapia de Masaje Tantrico
Excelente Handjob le practica la terapista al morocho, le arranca más de un orgasmo, una copiosa eyaculación, y el goteo de sus líquidos pre seminales al principio de la faena, pese a que la pija nunca se le pone completamente dura.-