String Of Orgasms Massage

January 13, 2015

The art of repeated orgasms.

This film starts off with a mood of pure relaxation. And it ends with the most delicate shot of a female belly we’ve ever seen. But in between there are fireworks – multiple fireworks.

With magician-like hands, our masseuse takes complete control of our model. Just watch the movement of her body and hear the groans escaping her lips: you can be sure this is a real woman enjoying many real orgasms. And it’s sexy as hell.

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Members' Comments

Heidi is very normal
Good for you Emma, you are as normal as Heidi. Many Hegre girls lie surprisingly very still during such a stimulation, but Heidi really enjoys it and shows it. Just great!
I get a String Of Orgasms Massage
Oh .. what I enjoy every time of this film and what a beautiful woman Heidi is. I watch this video regularly with a hand in my panties to masturbate to finish many times together with Heidi.
I get a String Of Orgasms
Oh .. what I enjoy every time of this film and what a beautiful woman Heidi is. I watch this video regularly with a hand in my panties to masturbate to finish many times together with Heidi.
Voice over YES
More voice over please!!! That added SO MUCH!!!
Voice Over
First voice-over i have experienced here...Fantastic. The dialogue was very instructive and i enjoyed it immensley. i adore the voice of the masseuse and the knowledge that she shared. Her voice-over added a great deal of more excitement and exhibited her connection and enjoyment with Heidi. i would enjoy more voice-overs. Absolutely the best!
What a beautiful girl. So elegantly done.
String of orgasms
Its funny how viewers comments differ ... actually I LOVE the close ups of her face, especially the side on view. But the production is a masterpiece. Nicely filmed .. and the masseuse is amazing. But the star is that incredible body! Those long legs, her fabulous flat stomach, those breasts, her lovely young beauty. Absolutely stunning. Bravo.
Overview shot
This was very erotic but would have been better if you had just stuck with that wonderful overview shot, filmed from above, showing us the WHOLE of this beautiful girl and how her whole body was responding to the stimulation, rather than constantly cutting to boring close-ups! I find this really annoying and distracting and it disrupts the flow and eroticism of the scene.
RE: Overview shot
Agreed, I wish they would spend less time showcasing the editing and more with the model!...
Voice Over - please more
the Voice Over in this film is really an additional benefit for me. Interesting to her the comments of the masseuse. Please include this feature in more films.
Orgasms - real vs faked
This and all other Hegre massage videos are expertly filmed fantasies. Nice acting by wonderful ladies. To prove that the orgasms are authentic stay zoomed in on the exposed backside. Reward your viewers with a mind-blowing close up of involuntary anal contractions during orgasm. Absolutely, positively, cannot be faked.
What a beautiful lady
You are a beautiful lady! I have watched this video over and over again! Incredibly expressive face tell just how much your body is responding to stimulation! Can't wait to see you more!
The reason why ive rejoined,just fantastic massage videos,unlike anything on the internet,please never stop making them.
Heidi's string of orgasms
I thought we had gone past the clothed masseuse phase, but sadly not here. Heidi is remarkable, and her joyous spasms are very arousing. Will we ever get to see her with pubic hair, when I for one might spontaneously combust?!!
Thanks to everybody involved for making this wonderful video. Both the model and masseuse are exceedingly beautiful. If I could only make one small suggestion, I wish the masseuse would use her free hand to caress the rest of Heidi's body more often. That was part of the reason her last massage was so wonderful.
Love the final shot
RE: Magic Wand / Baguette magique
Yes Hardhead you are right, it’s for the beautiful Heidi the second massage with a Hitachi Magic Wand. But it is for her also the third film with a Hitachi because she also enjoyed the Hitachi-chair. I think like all women she loves the incredibly Hitachi Baguette Magique.
Sensuous Woman
We have followed Heidi from being an innocent 18 to becoming a sensuous woman. In Heidi’s first massage she was barely responsive, now after massage, wet dreams, and Exotic Rituals she is a responsive, exotic woman. Zana’s delicate touch released Heidi like no other massage we have seen. Petter, your closing pan was masterful and a fitting end as Heidi closed her eyes to enjoy the afterglow. Brava to Heidi and Zana.
Finalement ........ encore une fois!
At last ……… once again a perfect erotic woman - woman massage. Very, very sensual filmed. I want more, more, more! Thank you Petter!
Zana and Heidi
Tor said it as well as I might. There is a wonderful educational aspect to your films! They help guys learn and approach some understanding about how to please our wives, loves. Women are still so mysterious. I don't know whether guys will learn all there is to know about women (no matter how hard we try).
String of Orgasms Massage
An excellent demonstration of consecutive multiple orgasms although - as a student of Tantric Sensual Massage practices - I would have liked to see more close-ups of the masseuse's fingering techniques.
love it!
Zana is amazing! Ofcause Heidi is amazing as well, but Zana has learned me so much when it comes to how to please my wife! I will be ever grateful!!
Magic Wand
Two Massage Videos with the Magic Wand!