Soothing Body Massage

December 1, 2009

With all the hassles of life in the 21st Century, massage is becoming a popular tool to improve well-being.

Fitness fan Thea is always seeking new ways to improve her health regime. Filmed after a full day modeling, in front of a roaring log fire – Thea releases all the day’s tensions with a sensual massage.

It’s the perfect way to end the day…

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Members' Comments

The massage went too quickly ...
The massage therapist seemed to be in a hurry. Most of your films show intimacy and a sexual theme. This one did not, so I thought I would give you my 2 cents worth. Nice music though ...
her ass!
Watching this I can just imagine banging her from behind, slapping her ass then exploding on her back.
nice but....
somebody needs to buy this girl a sandwich !, she's pretty but looks painfully thin, a bit of a turn off to be honest
Awesome massage
Very nice massage!! It seemed to be very spiritual; I hope that they bring back that masseuse for another video! The music is very spiritual and relaxing -- does anyone know the name of the music/artist? Thanks!
Nice Model
Nice model, cool location and very soothing to just watch and take in the technique
Total Relaxation
Can’t beat an oil massage in front of a log fire it’s a delicious experience.