Spasms Orgasm Massage

April 9, 2013

Sometimes pleasure can be almost too much to bear. It seems like a torment.

That is how it is for Fenna. She opens herself to the delights of an intimate massage. But she does not realise what an exquisite sensation it will be until her masseur plays with her like a musical instrument. Under that expert touch she is slowly, so gradually, brought to the point of ecstasy. Her frenzy rises to the longed-for climax.

And then it begins all over again for her quivering body.

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Members' Comments

It does matter, in a way. I want to be able to recognize that the woman has achieved her orgasm, and not that I've let her down. Lots of women buck and pant during buildup, but if that's the only sign she ever gives of being in orgasm, I might misinterpret it as a failing on my part, and give up too soon. Or conversely, keep going long after it has become uncomfortable for her.
Fenna is model No1 Awesome body, tits and pussy!
This is beautiful. Every woman should experience pleasure that intense at least once in their lives I believe. I love to see a woman climax that intensely.
The most open
The frog leg open position with obdominal pulling of her torso give rise in ones imagination what it would like to penatrate deep within her milking muscles.
Pleasure for all
What a wonderful display of womanhood, even if the model is young. Every time I see one of your massage films, I am amazed at the skills and had strength of you Masseuses. You can send one of them my way anytime. We woman all have different Orgasm Reactions and further are varied by the time and conditions. It was wonderful to see the model respond clearly to the her audience. The beauty of the photography was just amazing. Gee I wish I was 20 again. Pleasure for all.
Fenna sensual massage
How wonderful, in the true sense of that word, to see a 'normal' looking lass having (probably) the best time of her life. Her lovers will need to try very hard indeed to shape up! 10/10.
Who is this Fenna… She has one fantastic body… We must see more of her…
Spasms Orgasm
The oil-bowl was frequently so close to being knocked over that it was a bit distracting. Otherwise, this was excellent.
Muy intenso
Really wonderful to see a young woman completely abandon herself to her sexual emotions. Interesting contrast to those women with whom the only sign of an orgasm is a licking of the lips and a slight panting! Is it the case that some women feel an orgasm more keenly than others, or just that they can't release their inhibitions sufficiently to show it? This young woman opens herself up so completely in every way - opening her thighs as fully as her emotions - that the film is enormously erotic. Oh, and by the way why do men hardly ever show their pleasure in an orgasm as openly? Anyway, great stuff!
RE: Abandon
No two women experience their orgasm in the same way, nor do they express it the same (unless they are mimicking something they've seen in porn); some are quiet moaners, others heavy breathers and lip-lickers, some are theatrically over the top. The point being, as long as she is having an orgasm what matter the way it is expressed?
Please put more models like this. She is stunning!!!!!!
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
Please more of them.
Fully roused
There is nothing more exciting than a fully roused woman. This movie has that OK.
Get the idea
This movie captures just exactly how it should be. I am going to make sure my fella watches it till he gets the idea.
Some of these close ups of Fenna’s pussy are superb. I love the way it glistens.
It is good to see a girl with a lively response. Looks to me like she is really enjoying herself.
Getting it on
When Zana is stroking her there are times when it is much more like two girls getting it on together than a massage. I’m thinking of, say, about 18:30 for example. No complaints from me!