Massage poitrine blanc et noir

March 26, 2013
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Rien n'est laissé au hasard de l'attente de chacun. En effet, tout se déroule dans les paumes de leurs mains.

Les courbes des seins de Fenna étaient faites pour le toucher délicat de Valérie. Fenna les sent bien en prise des longs doigts auxquels elle a souvent rêvé. Doucement puis plus fermement, ses seins et tétons sont massés. Le désir prend de l'ampleur alors qu'elle rend la pareille à Valérie.

Elles n'ont pas besoin de dire mot. Elles savent bien que tout cela n'est qu'un début.

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Commentaires des Membres

î love valeries hands. They are a sculpture.
Uno de los videos mas eroticos
I really appreciate the breast massage. This is different than usual and I would like more of these with other models. Massage of a ticklish model would also be fun and quite original.
Very special
This vid may be very special. You'll love it or you don't.
Look and learn
All men ought to see this video as an instruction inhow to caress a womans breasts. They are delicate things, not bags of flour as some think and worthy of the male attention as one of the principal access points for the female pleasure. I esp. like how Valerie is doing it - gently yet with a hint of firmness in the right places and at the right moments.
Doesn't work for me. Somehow breasts being manipulated in this way and in close-up somehow lose all their resemblance to breasts and become some kind of abstract plasticine shapes . . . When massaged as part of a general massage, and importantly when the lady is lying down, the result is thoroughly erotic. Compliments to both ladies - I'm sure their breasts are breathtakingly beautiful and lovely to have in one's hands, but as a film - doesn't quite happen!
and... and... could I please all the men to remember to caress woman's breasts so beautifully, like Valerie did, please ;o)
UP Front
It is lovely to see these wonderful smooth breast skin up close touched by delicate deliberate fingers. A great improvement in my view would be to see this attention to body parts as part a full body massage with a clear and whole view to both completely naked girls. With so much focus on just body parts we are missing out on too much beauty.
That was fabulous. The contrast of skin colours, the soft breast flesh, the framing... Beautiful.
what next?
It would be great to have a follow on to this film. I want to know what happens next. Let’s see it.
Prize moment
The prize moment in this movie IMHO is Valerie’s nipples about 13.30. Classic.