Massage Lesbien d'Amour

January 17, 2012
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C'est du pur vintage Deux ravissantes nanas passent du temps ensemble. Naturellement elles sentent leur chaleur respective.

Annie commence par un massage doux de sa copine, Gabriella. Puis elle ne peut dissimuler son vrai désir. A présent elles font l'expérience de ce qu'un massage corporel complet signifie réellement. Les seins fermes, espiègles de Annie frottent le dos de Gabriella pour préparer le terrain. Les carresses deviennent encore plus intimes. Annie a gagné sa récompense. A présent c'est à son tour de se faire bichonner.

Côte à côte et les jambes légèrement écartées, leur réjouissance n'a pas de limite.

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Commentaires des Membres

Too excited to write!
These girls are beautiful beyond belief just can not get enough of these two girls
Love the tender touches and the breasts rubbed along the backsides and front sides as well, just love watching these two gals get it on.
What a beautiful worship of the buttocks by both girls very touching
I just love the way these two girls worship each others buttocks it is such a sensual part of the human anatomy so glad you shot this scene Petter.
sensual massage
Two beautiful ladies..I expected better from them.
RE: sensual massage
if they are lesbian I'm mickey mouse
RE: RE: sensual massage
Hi Micky
i love it
It definately was anticlimactic, considering what these two have been through together. but, it workedfor me! (and, you guys finally got to see the masseuse naked!lol)
It's been some time since we last saw Gabriella too. She definitely has the right stuff.
Very nice to se Annie again. She is stunningly sexy!
Opportunities missed, is there a part deux?
The massage was just starting to get me going but then it was spoilt by the camera angles and lack of detail. Imagine how mind blowingly erotic it would have been with better camera angles and more lingering close-up shots of the intimate massages of both Annie & Gabriella. A Part 2 please to address these issues or more models getting it together. Love the variation of these themes enormously but more detail please.
RE: Opportunities missed, is there a part deux?
I totally agree! Lots of "missed opportunities" which could have blown the roof off the joint!
Lesbian Massage?
Perhaps that was enjoyable to a female audience...?
It reminded me a bit of Thai massage where the girl walks up and down your back only this way with them lying full length with each other is a whole lot more fun.
Replaying it
You shoulda put it on a loop that bit where they rub their asses together. I been wearing myself out replaying it.
Proper massage
I was not pleased with this film because I could not believe in these two girls as masseurs. I go for the massage films because that is exactly what they say they are. Proper massage by a proper masseur and what that means is a dominant women fully clothed with strong hands and fingers.
Re: Proper massage
I don’t know how much these two know about massage but they look willing to learn. I think in its own way it makes the whole movie more natural and appealing.
Role play games
Me and my girl just loved this one. Lately we have been getting into role play and games. This one about massaging came along at the right time and now it’s our favourite.
wow nice birthdaypresent :o) thnx hegre. _O_ looks great as always _O_
The dark bakground was a bad idea