Massage sensuel doux

August 16, 2011
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Tereza nous apporte la perfection de la féminité. Son corps inspire la dévotion et ici la masseuse rend hommage à Tereza.

Chaque petite friction des doigts expérimentés de la masseuse montre une femme qui rend hommage à une autre. Chaque mouvement de sa chair est capturé. Chaque reflet magique de lumière provenant de sa peau soyeuse parle du mystère féminin. C'est un privilège délicieux d'être en présence de l'expression ultime de la déesse sexuelle.

Partout où les doigts de la masseuse se posent, nous sommes présent.

  • Durée d'exécution : 35:55 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Tereza massage.
I was longing for Tereza to turn onto her back and show us her divine body. Although she was struggling with the giggles when she did!! I prefer her hair tied back, so we can see her gorgeous face. And that fabulous body. Would love her to go again and see the if the masseuse`s fingers can persuade Tereza to loose herself into a delicious orgasm.
Sensual Massage
Nicely done. Liked the pussy work even though there was no attempt to get the young lady off.
Massage Locations
Why are the locations for massages sometimes so grottily unpreposessing?. A massage is more likely to be satisfying when the surrounds are attractively welcoming.
I LOVE this video. I would love it even more if Tereza were brought to orgasm, as many other models have been. I hope that she well allow it some time in the future. Let's hope that it's sooner rather than later. ;)
RE: orgasm
It isn't always necessary to have an orgasm in order to enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of a therapeutic massage. It's a different matter, of course, if one has a sexual massage because then, the expectation is of a 'happy ending' and the recipient would be more than disappointed if that didn't occur.
RE: re: labias
I am amazed you don't like Dominik's gorgeous long labias which are even longer than my girl friends lips. When we make love even after I am completely out of her sweet belly her lips amazingly cling to my glans....mmmmm
This is a very nice vid, I love it. One of my favorite. Vids like this are really amazing.
re: labias
have to say my preference is for neat & tidy pussy like Tereza/Gloria & Nichole etc...Dominique on the other hand is a turn-off to me - but then each to their own ; )
Tereza has a perfect body, and pussy since there are comments on it. I agree with your other videos showcasing anna s perfect pussy but tererza and anna and your Luba are as good as it gets as far as nude models. The massage was very sensual, this tantra massage therapist is very good and it was amazing watching tereza's body. I hope there are more massage videos of tereza soon.
I wish she had much larger labias all engorged and pouty
RE: labias?
Labia is plural (just an observation lol)
A very beautiful woman she is, and fantastic footage as usual! A soft massage, nice to look at. Bit I still long for seeing a woman like that (preferrably naturally hairy as well, just for once) bound on the massage table, receiving a teasingly performed massage which, finally, leads to an orgasm. Is it doanbe? :-) Ropes and massage are definitly possible to combine... :-)
She looks very happy about her workout.
A babe
Great action, no frills, just one superb babe
She’s just perfect.
More pussy
I agree that Tereza is looking just as good as ever. Would have been good to see more of her pussy being oiled and stroked. Next time
Classic stuff. All Tereza has to do is just be there and that’s enough for me.