Orgasmic Outcall Massage

September 13, 2011

“Come to me and I will cum with you” she said.

Then she waited in her apartment for her closest friend to arrive. She surrendered herself on the bed, oiled and ready. This was what her friend had promised her and she was eager to feel every sensation. The lingering caresses of her legs and her firm ass were all she had longed for. When she felt those strong fingers inside her pussy she could not hold out any longer.

Her whole body shook with desire as she cummed again and again.

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Members' Comments

She has a beautiful asshole - why not explore it from time-to-time
I'm not sure why I bother responding to old comments but some are just so stupid. Angelique says "over the years she [Nicole] must have made her vagina insensitive to stimulation". Can she really believe this beautiful young girl has worn out her vagina? If Angelique was really a woman she would know how stupid that comment was. Angelique is either a guy playing girl or stupid. Robert Lee is tired of massage videos so he thinks you should change your whole format for him and just get everyone naked add a bunch of guys and go hardcore porn. It is because the site is not full of guys and is not regular hardcore porn that I am here. Beautiful sensual girls are the way to go. The client gets a nice massage with a happy ending with no expectation to reciprocate. Lady's you were great. Thank You Staff: Nicole's videos are old now. Maybe time for a new video or 10. Team Nicole up with Caprice for a few hours, let them rub each other and I will extend my membership.
Nicole is amazing. Exquisitely beautiful. On a small language note, after noticing dozens of people being a bit confused: if the therapist is male = "masseur", if they are female = "masseuse". You cannot be a female masseur or a male masseuse. The gender neutral word is "massage therapist". Feel free to verify this in the Oxford dictionary, or if you prefer American English a Webster's will also confirm this. Cheers. Simon
...a lot of stimulation...
Good heavens..over the years she must have made her vagina insensitive to stimulation.....I'd have popped after the first 5 minutes...I'd have appreciated a nude masseuse as well...why all the clothes...? Cheers...A.
Need to change
I have been a long time member and I have read other members asking the same questions. Why don't you include the massuer more as far as taking off their clothes? Just going thru a massage with a climax at the end is getting to be old. How about some body to body massages? Having more males involved in various ways. It seems the only ones that show the messuers face and body are the Asian girls. I am paying to get turned on. It is time for change.
Who is this girl
What's the name of this model?
RE: Who is this girl
This model is Nicole
love the models
the most erotic senes with a woman massaging another beautiful women is the most stimulating to me as a man. Ilose it every time.
Nice sensual massage. I look forward to these videos. Models are very sexy uninhibited and photography excellent. All are shot very well. This video is excellent as well. I think model is Nicole.
more anal
There was plenty of ass shots her in the first half and that’s good. IMHO there should be a lot more anal action in the massage movies. I’m sure I’m not the only guy who thinks so.
There is some great detail here. Did anyone else notice those close-ups of the oil dripping about 20 minutes in, just like her pussy was doing it?
You are missing the point Eddystone. She was totally blissed out. What could be better than getting a massage like that while you are floating away with your favourite music? Me and my GF do it that way all the time. Give it a try.
Spoiled it
Why was she wearing headphones? For me that spoiled it because it looked like she was not really interested in what was going on. I suppose she was because she had the orgasms but it didn’t look right to me.
Closer now
That was just perfect. My fella and me watched it 3 times over. My idea. Now he gets it and we are both closer than ever. We were wondering if there are any more advanced techniques you could show?
Calling out
Should have called this one “orgasmic call out”. Check out when she cums at 7:40 and 30;50. Sweet!