Japanese Yoni Massage

April 26, 2011

This is massage as only a woman knows how. Slow, deep and sensitive.

Here is a unique view of the feminine mystery. In ultra close photography there is the long leisurely massage of her yoni. The fascinating folds of the outside and the intimate inside are tenderly oiled and given all the attentive care they call out for.

From both back and front her most delicate skin receives touches that are almost too much to bear. Her lingering sighs reveal how deep her arousal is.

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Members' Comments

This was beautiful and delicious! I just donĀ“t understand how she was able to postpone her orgasm and probably never reach it, being caressed in such a gentle and arousing way, If yoni is not for orgasms, I do not get the point. Why not?
Lose the headphones.
Yoni Massage
Some women are not very demonstrative during orgasm. One shouldn't be misled by vocal porn stars who are demonstrably performing (acting) for the camera. Often, the best orgasmic clues are laboured breathing and contractions of the lower abdomen. For these reasons it is relatively easy for women to fake orgasms. Men, however, usually have to ejaculate visibly to 'prove' they've had an orgasm.
This is absolutely stunning. It's unclear as to whether she orgasms, but she doesn't really need to. As far as I know the whole point of proper yoni massage is that the receiver doesn't cum. As a woman though, I can say that I can't imagine not exploding if someone was doing this to me. I think I'd squirt several times!
pretty model
you really don,t know if she had an orgasm or not like to see models be more verbal if they have an orgasm
Very educational massage tutorial. Really teaches one to appreciate more, that which makes life.
What is wrong with the anal experience? Even if the models are not quite up to it, in these throws of passion it would add real authenticity if the misuse just worked it in. It would bring a great unsuspected pleasur for both the model and the viewer.
Quite simply...DELICIOUS!
Great but...
...great sensual viewing but earphones and their background music/noise are distracting...
So sensual watching this woman be taken to the height of excitement. Maybe in the future Petter you can have one massuse working the top half while another works on the bottom half.
I'm just the opposite...I fine the hairy pussy on her very erotic n sensual...also like how it is shaved below too!
orgasmic bliss
peter, can i just say your inclusion of the massage component of your site has taken my personal sex life to an unprecedented level. my girl is an absolutely stunning blonde shaven pussied eastern european beauty who would not look out of place on your site, and our sex has always been raw, hard and explosive. but after watching oriental pearl, and many of the other 'tantric' massages, my girls ( and mine) orgasms have been so powerful and explosive, that i have never ejaculated so much cum, and she now for the first time in our 8 yrs together, squirts and multiple orgasms, sometimes to the point of hyperventilating, and she sees flashes of brilliant colour as she climaxes. we have both dedicated ourselves to studying and learning the techniques used by your masseuses, and have enjoyed many explosive orgasms when watching them, and can i say to all the guys out there, learn these techniques! THEY WORK AWESOMELY WELL! your site has transformed our sex life peter. i now take all the time my girl needs, if that means hours, then its hours. i have learnt to understand a woman and exactly what brings her ultimate pleasure. so thank you peter very much. can i also ask, that just once, as a treat to us all, that you add penile penetration and visible ejaculation by the male. the mutual magic massage would have been perfect for this. i know that is not the aim of your site, and i love the site just the way it is, but to see close up HD filming of oily rythmical penetration and subsequent ejaculation over the back or stomach would send this site into hyperspace!!!!!
RE: orgasmic bliss
i agree with the student of pleasure. watching and studying your massage videos has taken fuking to new heights for me also. my babe and i oil up everytime we copulate now, and we both fully shave. we fuk, suk and come to your videos all the time. keep bringing them on peter! they send my baby into overdrive!!!!!
Nice shot, but the bush is just disgusting! Not even trimmed these long black hairs are the antidotes not to get exited when watching this video.
Get over it! It natural and beautiful!
who is this?
which model? Just curious. dont see a name, anywhere. super smokin hot, at any rate!
RE: who is this?
its Konata :) yummyyyyyyyy
Erotic-- Sexy- Lust
I loved the natural sound, the woman enjoying all that she was given just wonderful. I have never been so hard, the shots of her pussy, the touching, and her lust for more, including her sexy moans. Peter bring on more of these type of massages, music low and the natural sounds of sexual pleasure.
Just loved the way that heavy breathing made it seem she's in my room.
Slow hand
Is this the tantric sex they talk about? If it is, put me down for some.
Hair piece
Neat little bush. Makes it more real than too much shaving.
A helping hand
When my GF starts getting real interested in these movies then I know I'm on to something good.
Women only
Right on, sisters! This is how we want it.