Séance Spa Sensuelle

November 1, 2010
15 Commentaires

Pendant plus d'un heure Gloria se donne entièrement aux caresses de sa masseuse.

Tout d'abord, elle est mouillée et huilée de la tête aux pieds. Puis ça commence.

Pendant un très long moment, son cul ferme et sensuel est choyé et massé. Puis vient le tour de son clitoris impatient.

Gloria semble calme mais ses mamelons et sa respiration prouvent le contraire. Chaque parcelle de son con soyeux est doigté et nous partageons sa réjouissance grâce aux délicieux gros plans.

  • Durée d'exécution : 1:06:53 Heures
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Commentaires des Membres

Thank you. Lovely and artistic . Mesmerise you throughout. Beautiful body.
Watched this all the way through and was so wet by the time it finished! Would love to have this done to me, although I think it would be very hard not to cum and cum.
my friend alice and i watched this together while we trying to study. good luck. we thought it was very beautiful and respectful compared to the stuff you usually see on the internet. some of the other commenters want to see the woman have a wild orgasm but we thought there was a lot more tension this way. thank you.
Well, I must say, that got my attention!!!
Again Petter you take my breath away with this new avenue of erotic massage films. I have a slow internet connection so it took over 2 hours to download, but boy was it worth it. Please continue this series of your models being masaged & hopefully sexually relieved as it is mind blowingly erotic. I think a good next candidate would be Thea. Please, pretty please!!!! Buchaneer
Very nice, sensual & exiting ... happy for that new "category". Regards from Italy
Great photography and beautiful model but its time to dispense with this masseuse. She tortures models by never applying sufficient pressure or motion to the clitoris thus denying them relief. They say that women know how to touch each other better than men...NOT TRUE !
The best massage ever!!!!
I liked it, but I'm not so sure Gloria did...
she is a wonderful girl like the others but i would like to heer her and not music
very, very nice & exciting. one question, why is the masseuse dressed and not naked?
Best massage ever. Keep it coming Gloria.
This is the way to do it. I love way the camera finds every detail.
the real deal
I'd love to find a masseuse like this. She's the real deal.
Gloria gets better and better with every film she makes. All she has to do is to lie there to turn me on.