Détente corporelle totale

November 1, 2009
8 Commentaires

Filmée dans une clinique parisienne, Silvie se fait masser dans le but de se sentir bien de la tête aux pieds.

Allongée, nue, sur la table de massage, brousse et membres élancés et minces à l'air, Silvie atteint un seuil de détente corporelle totale.

Prenez-en de la graine afin d'améliorer vos propres techniques de massage ou bien détendez-vous tout simplement et profitez du spectacle en zyeutant cette belle mannequin qui se fait caresser aux quatre coins corporels.

  • Durée d'exécution : 24:10 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

I love her natural look. Her hairy pussy and her body.
pubic hair
So much better when women have their pubic hair. Can't believe there is so much shaving.
Love the View, Pt 2
I meant her bush is so wonderful, you can see how inviting it is when she is lying on her stomach.
There are some very beautiful women on this site but this, my first month's subscription, will be my last. The shaved look is entirely a cliché (and the ugly tattoos, too!) and Silvie is a breath of fresh air. I understand we all have our preferences but this site is 99% shaved. Thanks, Silvie, for being the 1%...that is, until that magnificent bush was forsaken so the 99% could take everything.
Total Body Relaxation
I think the critics of this masseuses are being too hard on her, perhaps in disappointment that this was not a sexual massage. In fact, it looked to me like a skillful therapeutic massage intended to relax, rather than to excite, the recipient. And large hands are not necessarily a disadvantage for a masseuse.
when I saw the still picture to this massage I just assumed it was a guy giving the massage, she has very large hands and strong looking forearms for a woman.
I didnt think much of the massage as this left me ncold. maybe she needs a lot more girls to work on I coukld do alot better.
You are right when you say, that Silvie is a beautiful model. I ask me, if it my girlfriend would be happy, when a try to copy the massage technique. It seems, that the masseuse has not many experiance in massaging or perhaps she was nervous. What did Silvie mean?