Erica’s First Massage

July 1, 2009

There’s nothing like jumping straight in at the deep end, and as the film starts Erica reveals that this is her first ever massage!

Erica receives a slow massage with steady, gentle stroking movements. And you have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall and watch a naked, young model being caressed all over.

The final shot of Erica’s beautiful, serene, flushed face proves that she loved her first time!

  • Runtime: 42:10 Minutes
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Members' Comments

lovely masseuse
great video with a pretty girl and skilled beautiful masseuses, but why only two videos of her on the entire sight ?, please hire her for a few more shoots
She loved her first time. I did as well. Thanks Erica
Erica's first massage
a nice massage which manages to be sensual without any actual sexual content, the only real let down was the poor location, it looked like somebody's cellar/basement
The music sets the mood for a beautiful and respectful encounter between two beautiful women. Erica is gorgeous and the masseuse is an angel. Very nice.
just great shots of lovely body tone and wonderful skin, breasts and pussy. Masseuse does great job on Erica.
Very nice!
It all looks very relaxing and Erica is just the cutest model.
What a beauty Erica is and I agree the final shot of her thoroughly relaxed face is adorable.