Erotic Room Service Massage

July 9, 2013

Emily may look innocent but her thoughts are not so pure

Escaping the hot sun, she rests in her Spanish hotel and calls for room service. A knock at the door begins her sensual journey.

Two skilled hands gently caress Emily’s smooth skin. Slowly she’s taken far away and deep into her thoughts. See the ripples of pleasure glide across her porcelain body. With a little teasing and encouragement, Emily lets everything go.

Watch this elegant massage in beautiful cinematic detail.

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Members' Comments

Absolutely love Emily - what a wonderful smile and such a quiet orgasm
Fantastic. Very erotic. Got excited.
I will give anyone a buffalo nickel if they name the music from the opening sequence.
She does have that innocent look. Must be her face because those breast and that ass say sex machine. Pale skin without a tan line. A true red head. Thanks lady's that was great. I hope Emily is safe in the Ukraine.
Blissful Ecstasy
This film depicts tender sensuality at its very best. I also like that it moved slowly and did not jump immediately into the massage. The shower scene was incredible in its tenderness and is something that all men should watch with interest and learn from it. The masseuse (a Tantra instructor who I will not name out of respect for her privacy) used her considerable skills to bring Emily to the very height of ecstasy and it was truly beautiful. Emily's climax at the end was something that has to be seen to be believed. The use of the dildo, also, did nothing for me but the masseuse used it very gently and not for a protracted period of time. The film reinforces the fact that the female body is nature's greatest creation for giving pleasure. Emily and the masseuse left me breathless.
RE: Blissful Ecstasy
I agree. A very sensual and tender massage. Can the masseuse come to me?
Now this is art. I like that the film does not start right off with the massage. Also, I feel massages given in bed are way more sensual and erotic than those given on a massage table. I love this masseuse too! She really knows how to give a good massage and pleasure a woman. It would be nice to see her on the receiving end :)
Beautiful film. The scenario was very appealing for me. Intimate and classy. The thought of being massaged that was left me breathless....
Wow! Beautiful
This has got to be one of the best massage videos on this site. It may even be the best. I love how it wasn't just the massage. It was everything, from start to finish. It was deliciously erotic and perfectly executed. Not sure why you were trying to hide Zana though; pretty sure we all knew it was her. Please, more videos like this!
sensual massage
For a masseuse being so intimate and close to Emily I would her to be nude also. Clearly the masseuse has a beautiful body. Tt will bring much more attraction to the scenes. In my view this should be in all massages.
Love Emily
Please bring her back for another massage!
Better Dildo
LOVED the gentle use of a dildo, but for heaven's sake use a Cyberskin next time instead of a cold hard glass dildo. MUCH more realistic and much more comfortable. The experience should be pleasurable, not medical.
Loved it
I loved everything about this scene. The pretense of a hotel stay and calling for a masseuse. The sensual shower beforehand, with the lovely music playing. The massage itself, and the model's powerful reactions near the end. Loved it, all of it. Bravo.
One of the best if not the best massage there's ever been showed here. Perfect combination of picture and music. The bathroom and shower scene is done very tastefull the expression on the face of Emily tells she realy likes the situation. Don't know who noticed the dripping tab, small thing but it makes it so realistic. The room scene is filmed with the camera not moving, this gives the viewer a bit of a voyeuristic position, you're there but they can't see you. From the bluish on Emily's cheeks one can tell she's realy getting exited and aroused by the massage she's getting, it's for sure not fake. No objection on the use of the dildo it fits into it. Let's have more. ps: suggestion, why next time not having some interaction between the two ladies, and if the model does not get over the edge towards an orgasm why not let her doing it herself, it's not to be ashamed about.
What a service
First of all love all the colors in this sensual massage movie , gives a great atmosphere . The Hotel Service is indeed Veryyyy special , who never had this fantasy on their minds ? excellent job .... exciting the mood and state of mind of this massage .
Oh my... toys... please let this be the only time? It shifts the mood from the body/mind eroticism of the massage-series to the more plain massage-as-sexual-act that is so prevalent. Not that I always mind this, but always was followed in this respect, and usually poorly so. Stay on top of the erotic body/mind genre, please? Other than that: very hot. These girls are very petite, judging by how high they stand in the doorway. And yet so very comfortable with their sexuality, I can almost taste it.
Incredibly erotic
Wonderful filming, wonderful girl and erotic as hell! Wish I was there too...
Amazing! Just Amazing! I could see this movie more then once! This is something i should do with my wife!
Room Service Massage
I would agree about a slow start but worth the wait and Emily has the most beautiful porcelain complexion. She appears to genuinely succumb to this massage.
Sensual Massage - Emily
After an unnecessarily slow start, this became a truly excellent sensual presentation. Well done!.