Massage Sensuel Sportif

June 25, 2013
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Elle est fière de son corps de luxe. Naturellement elle exige un massage de première ordre afin qu'il demeure en parfaite condition.

Elle sent tout de suite qu'elle est entre de bonnes mains. Son corps ferme et sa peau sont pris en charge de la tête aux pieds. Nue. Elle a eu ce qu'elle voulait et en redemande.

Ses lèvre sourient de plaisir, de jouissance. Pense-t-elle aux autres réjouissances que peuvent lui apporter son corps ?

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Commentaires des Membres

Sports massage
Beatiful girl. Good massage. But sensual?
many more of this model please!
Thank you
A thong is all that is needed to protect her modesty. Nobody would have minded if she were topless.
That massage would work the soreness out, to be sure.
The Model
I believe the model in this video is the masseuse in the " Playful penis " and the " Seductive sensual " massage videos. I think she is gorgeous and would love to see her again as the recipient of a full , naked massage ! I don't think I'm the only member hoping you will utilize her more often.
I want to see naked women, not partially covered
Sensual Sports Massage
Why the stupid 'modesty' textiles?. Did the receiver insist on having them?. They got in the way of the masseuse who had to constantly adjust them.
I meant to say.... that type of massage !
the only way you'd get me in most of those positions is if you pushed me down a flight of stairs first !, real flexibility required for that of massage.
Sport Massage
Ouch... that just leaves me hurting, lol. no wonder i'm not into sports!
she have lovely erect nipples...who is the model
i wish it would have shown the faces of both girls, they were both beautiful....sure it didn't have as much nudity and sexuality as some of the other ones, but not every one of these videos does
Nice, but this needs a little more
Very nice production quality, and certainly two very attractive and aluring women. But this segment left me wanting/needing more. Looking forward to Hegre turning up the heat a notch...
I like the girls.. very beautiful. Some suggestions.. It would of nice to show her dressed and then undressed to the table. Also when you see her breasts showing, how it is covered back versus it was cut ... also when her towels were completely taken off that was cut.. Also there was a scan from her head.. down her body that was cut as it was going to her stomach.. it would be nice to have close up of her whole body - especially her sexy crotch, breasts... I want to see more videos that are shot where the women are wearing clothes and then undressed to the table.. or women in tights, leggins... like how it would be if i was watching from a distance.. more realism for people peeking in.
and her name?
perfect model !! what's her name?
Perfect view
Congratulations to both women in this movie. They give a perfect view to me of what this type massage is like for a woman.
Not enough
It is a pity that she takes a long time to get off what is covering her up her luscious body. The glimpses we get are not enough.
RE: Not enough
have to agree
Very private
I love the way she smiles in that very private way. I hope you are going to show us a lot more of what pleases her.