Prolonged Erection Massage

June 6, 2017

As any man can tell you who’s had the great fortune of experiencing it, an orgasm after edging is one of the most amazing feelings on earth. And any woman can tell you that being with a man who can edge is far superior to being with one who can’t. Further, any one who’s had problems with premature ejaculation can benefit from edging. So what is it? And how can you do it?

The process has had many names throughout history. The Catholics called it coitus reservatus; the yogis called it urddhava-retas; and 19th century American sexologist, Alice Stockham, called it karezza, after the Italian word for caress. But basically it means holding your erection for as long as you can by going to the point of no return and then stepping back from the edge. Hence the name.

One great way to try it out is to pleasure yourself while watching this amazing film. For a half hour, our male model has his member teased, stroked, massaged. See if you can withhold as long as he does. Relax and breathe. Go to the edge, then step back. Finally, to practice your control, try to cum right when he does. Sure, it takes practice, but, hey, at least it’s a lot more fun than learning to play violin!

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Members' Comments

OMG this is the best film about premature ejaculation/orgasm ever. This film also demonatrate the muscle connectivity with ejaculation / orgasm in both female and male. Orgasm become super intense when one connect orgasm with muscle contraction throghout the body.
girl name
where is the girl name?
Women should take note. This is how it's done. Putting a hand on his thigh or flicking you fingernails around might be enough for a 14 year old, but for men this is IT ! The guy must know your intent is genuine or it will be a no show. Same for you right? Excellent video.
prolonged erection massage
Why no to returne a the beautiful massages whit body to body?
Maybe it's just me, but a male ejactulating without the woman having at least one orgasm seems incomplete. Half a loaf - Selfish and one-sided. And I agree that visuals of the woman's body would have been more erotic. I view an erotic massage as foreplay, a means to an end that we don't see here.
Naked Girl ?
A naked woman in front of a dressed man can be/is very exciting for the woman as well as the "anticipating" man. Likewise the other way around. Ergo prolonged erection as opposed to bang bang thank-you mam. Just saying ...
The masseuse
If I am not mistaken, the masseuse is Zana, a tantra Goddess. From my point of view, Her skills are more important than her nudity. By the way, you can see her naked in other videos. As far as ejaculation is concerned, if the goddess decides to go for it, I hardly see how a normal man could resist !
This film totally blew me away. As a huge edging fan, I have not run across such an amazing technique of backing down the penis just as he is about to ejaculate, then back up. I want more of these. Thank you
why is the girl not naked?
His ejaculation should have been prevented
RE: ejaculation
Prevented......Are you kidding me?
RE: ejaculation
I agree, would have been better if it was prevented
Good erection
He has a nice circumcision, I think
Prolonged Erection..
¿Cómo se llama la masajista, y de que nacionalidad es?
The Woman isn't NUDE!!! That would have made this video vastly better.