POV Lingam-Liebesmassage

March 13, 2018
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In der indischen Philosophie ist der Lingam der Phallus, der Quell des Lebens, die männliche Energie. Wenn durch dieses spirituelle Land reisen, werden Sie überall Lingamskulpturen sehen. Frauen und Männer verehren solche Monumente als Symbole der Fruchtbarkeit und Kraft.

Im Kern des transformierenden sexuellen Erlebnisses steht die spirituelle Liebe des Lingams. Das ist, was Sie hier sehen. Langsam, sinnlich, intensive intime Verehrung. Als unser Modell hereinkommt, liegt der Lingam da, schlaff, aber sie hat Pläne für ihn und wir folgen ihr auf jeden cm.

Sie bearbeitet den Schaft, die Eier und das Fleisch drumherum. Sie stimuliert Ihre eigene Yoni-Blüte, um sich noch mehr verbunden zu fühlen und schließlich bearbeitet sie das geschwollene Glied bis seine Lebenssäfte hoch in die Luft springen, den eifrigen Schaft der Liebe Ekstase und Erleichterung verschaffend. Dies ist der ursprüngliche Geist... dies ist eine tiefgreifende sexuelle Vereinigung.

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Oh my
This girl is so adorable and sexy
POV Lingam Love Massage
I wish SOMEONE would just GROW UP and allow NATURE to take its NATURAL COURSE between TWO CONSENTING ADULTS!
It is much better to stroke faster during ejaculation to heighten the pleasure. The way she tightened her grip on his cock appeared as if she was impeding his ejaculatory pleasure, in my opinion. It certainly would have made it better for me, stroking faster that is. Just a thought.
Finally !!!!
Very nice. I love the way she smiles as she is pleasing him (and herself). Very sensual.
BETR: Finally !!!!
I agree. Her expressions are delightful.
Oh so close
Terrific. The 'oh so close' but not quite with the lips and mouth is brilliantly tantalising - a very subtle understanding of sexual longing.
Great ending
I guess the best is yet to come with this lady!
more like this
Excellent idea watching her orgasm while playing with his erection could only have been topped by her using his erection on herself...just imagine her twisting his balls while rubbing it on her pussy then penetrating herself with his erection like her own private toy for her to control and use
Awesome find , the expressions on her face are priceless, as if we just witnessed a new discovery of hers,
might be the best handjob ever
had to download this one - her continuous expression of joy added a nice touch, especially during his ejaculation - a some gentle sucking would have elevated this video even higher in agreement with other comments posted. Way and above other massages where the girl will not even touch it.
Ofelia y su pene negro
me encanta Ofelia, es fresca, desinhibida y natural, tiene rollitos, y se ve que le encanta cojer, hasta la pancita que tiene le sienta bien. Una hembra real, y le pido a Peter que en la próxima sesión de masajes use tambien la boca y la concha.
What beautiful orgasms…
Mutual oral would have been amazing, although she does give a great hand job. :-)
very nice video
she was so good, so nice to see her enjoying herself continually with vibrator and to hear it, thank you for nice video, great cum he had also
One of the best so far
Wow, this one is amazing. The experssion on her face is unbelievable. She's just cant wait to fuck that great cock. One of the best videos so far. More of her please!
this is HOT
wow, what a f.... hot moment ! While the lady easily comes to mutiple orgasms here , i wonder how this guy can last so long without ejaculating... Watching this, i have to pay attention not to orgasm even without beeing touched :-) Love it !
That has to be one of the most erotic videos Petter has shot. I lost count of the number of orgasms she had and how Mike stopped himself from cumming for 35 minutes is nothing short of amazing. I too wished she had taken him into her mouth.
OPHELIA & MIKE: A New Beginning???
Is this video a prelude to a "Sexual Exploration Massage" video between OPHELIA & MIKE???! I HOPE SO. It'll be nice to have an interracial theme writ large once again.
WOW: is this an exciting sequence
just done well, a beautiful girl, which is so excited by the beautiful black cock - pity that you can not see the aroused pussy well. More please!
Why not let her use her wonderful mouth?
In my private life, I have always regarded penetration as number one, and oral sex as second best, especially when my loved one wants to me to ejaculate in her mouth. Hand job is for situations when nothing else is possible. When watching such beautifully made videos, penetration is a bit difficult to show, oral sex is definitely the most beautiful and exciting way and easy to film, and hand jobs are boring to watch. This girl has such a wonderful mouth that it is really frustrating to see it so close to the man´s penis but not touching it. If this had been real life, she had definitely used her mouth, and that could have been very beautifully and sensually filmed. Look at Serena L´s Loving Lingam Massage, where she uses her lips to make her partner ejaculate or her Same-sex-oral-massage where she gives a wonderful orgasm to the other girl with her tongue. This video could have easily been brought to such a high excitement level.
Is this video a prelude to a "Sexual Exploration Massage" video between OPHELIA & MIKE???! I HOPE SO. It'll be nice to have an interracial theme writ large once again.
God damn!!!
That's some of the hottest shit EVER!!! I so badly wanted her to put it in her mouth but watching her get off from the vibes and stroking harder... I didn't even have to touch myself to cum all over myself with her doing that. Damn!