Masaje de punto de vista potente

March 31, 2015
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Siente el placer de explotar.

Has estado trabajando duramente. Y te mereces un extra de atención especial. Así que tenemos un regalo para ti: un masaje lingam como si estuvieras ahí. Quizás lo estés viendo en tu pantalla, pero sentirás como si te estuvieran tocando.

Grabado con nuestra nueva cámara compatible con eyeball popping a 4K, estás a punto de tener una experiencia erótica inmersiva.

Conforme nuestra masajista aumenta la tensión e incrementa la estimulación, se sentirá como si las manos de nuestra experta estuviesen por todo tu cuerpo.

  • Duración: 18:44 Minutos
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Comentarios de los Miembros

quelle est la musique de ce superbe massage?
Love a woman who enjoys her work.
She needs more videos. She is wonderful and sensual
How about a black woman giving a massage.
Whst a lovely massage with an eruptive cum ending.
What a great job from a beauty as she. Could you just imagine opening your eyes and looking at her streaking your cock. Great job. Something to dream about
Nothing like a Great Handjob from a Naked Woman!
love the cum shot
love it. wish they had stills
Massage with the breasts?
Your outstanding massage videos show women using nearly every part of their bodies to massage a penis -- hands, lips, arms, legs, even pussy lips. How about a video showing a woman using her supple breasts to massage the man to climax?
Another Outstanding Penis Massage
Everyone seems to use these comments to offer suggestions, so here's mine: Can you do a massage from the overhead point of view like in Triple Big O? I'm curious what it looks like. I love these massages at least as much as the female ones because they are like nothing else on the internet, the way they torture those guys for what seems like hours is just so cruel and so hot at the same time.
POV massage
Dressed masseuse no, naked masseuse yes. I don't seem to be alone in this view. Please comply!
Bara is great!
I love how sensual this video is and how Bara massages the body and the penis. Would love to see more of Bara in male/female videos!
Sensual Massages
My personal preference is that, (following the principle of 'Naked Reciprocity'), the participants in sensual massages - whether M/F, F/F or even M/M - should both be naked. This is because, if one of them remains clothed, se is in a situation of psychological superiority over the other when they should be in a state of absolute equality relative to each other. Since this is a matter of personal choice for each masseur/masseuse, however, it is an ideal rather than an obligation. Of course, we haven't yet reached the stage where an M/M sensual massage has been shewn on this site; nor am I advocating that it should happen soon. I am simply noting that this remains a another matter of principle that has still not broken through all the taboos concerning representations of sexual activities, even though it is possible that - in reality - M/M massages are at least as frequent as M/F or F/F events.
Superb !! Much, much, much more (nude) Bara please !!!
What a lady...
Wonderful. Would love to see bare breasts.
Beautifully done. I'm a straight male who adores women but I can imagine what it must be like to love cock and enjoy pleasuring one. Your Tantrika gives a sensual clinic on how to do it. Perfect.
Bara !!
Bara is a beautiful woman. She knows what she is doing. What a great pleasure to watch. Mike is a very lucky guy !! Bara knows exactly how to stimulate a penis. Great Film. Please have more of these films with Bara. She is a delight !!
No thanks.
No thanks team. This is not what I pay my $s for. Won't even bother looking at it.
Massage in another world
I have no words to explain my feeling. It's so great, so sensuous, perfect. I was with my wife, looking at it speechless, breathing of admiration. Thank you to please us and to share with us a so great moment
The climax is superbly done and truly amazing!
Wonderful massage and cum
I thought the last massage and view of the mans orgasm was great, well this one was wonderful too along with some interesting and imaginative camera angle....I anticipated his release I found myself once again close to cumming along with him, his release was great and plentiful and long...I wish I knew what the lady was thinking at the time he came and kept cumming...I love the girl massages naturally but to see a lady make a man cum is always exciting...
not convinced ...
maybe it's just me but this didn't do it for me ... those other lingam massages are way more sensual than this one!
POV - Lingam Massage
Tantric Sex is 'Slow Sex'; there is no rush towards a conclusion because, inter alia, pleasure delayed is often pleasure enhanced. As a practising Tantric Masseur myself, it was great to watch Bara's sensual skills and patience being used to prolong Mike's pleasure for as long as possible - more than stimulating 15 minutes - before allowing him to orgasm. It's one of the key differences between Tantra and 'Ordinary' sex and between 'Art' and 'Porn'. Peter Hegré's camera-work here is as brilliant as always and greatly improves the aesthetic experience.
I know Mike must've had a very big smile on his face :-)
What an amazing video, great & the cum shot at the end was immense! Look forward to more videos from both the stars. Brilliant stuff!
Oh no!
I don't like those films. i will look movies with Girls! Two times the same XXXX
Enjoyable but..
This is the second movie where this masseuse is wearing clothes. It would be so much more enjoyable if she were topless.
Simply amazing! He is so beautiful and all that potent seed. So much!
That's about a 5 gallon bucketful. She did a great job. Still wish she'd been topless. Great video.
Wow! wat a beautiful session, a true demonstration of the pleasure of the female powers in the universe! :D Look at him go - he skillfully got milked empty at the end!
Un massage de penis encore une fois?
Petter, why a penis massage once again? I’m a man and I want to see long erotic massages by and with beautiful girls with hot and wet pussies and a lot of explosive female climaxes! Petter, maybe next time a bondage light female/female massage with a Hitachi or a female massage by two professional female masseurs? Merci beaucoup!
RE: Un massage de penis encore une fois?
Got to agree with Bernard,this film may be beautifully shot and artistic but it concentrates on a mans penis and that is not what I want to see on this site,it borders on gay porn for me especially as the female is not topless or nude,i understand there will be females and some men who enjoy this sort of film but too much of this content would make me lose interest for sure.
RE:Un massage de penis encore une fois?
Uh, as a woman who uses this site partially for learning new and better ways to handle a penis, I think you guys should be pretty glad this stuff is on here. . .