Spielerische Tantra-Massage

May 8, 2018
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Manchmal wird Sex viel zu ernst genommen. Nun muss man nicht die ganze Zeit dabei kichern und lachen, aber er sollte kein Stress sein. Er sollte so entspannt sein wie sich am Sonntagnachmittag zusammen hinzulegen und Körperspielchen zu treiben. No pressure, all pleasure.

Wenn sich das schwierig anhört, checken Sie mal dieses Video aus. Es wird Ihnen eine verlockende Einführung liefern es locker anzugehen und dennoch zum vollen Genuss zu kommen. Unsere Modelle sind so entspannt wie nur irgend möglich, aber Sie können anhand ihrer körperlichen Reaktion sehen, dass eine große Erregung am Start ist.

Ja, es kann wirklich so gut sein. Sie stellen sich einander vor, berühren und streicheln sich und lachen sogar. Dann schließlich unausweichlich tauchen Sie rein und besorgen einander diese ultimativen Gefühle. Möge dieses großartige Paarerlebnis Ihr Genuss, Ihr Leitfaden und Ihre Inspiration sein.

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Jerking off
I have been jerking off to this for days. Those inverted nipples are so sexy
I love this girl. I could eat her forever...
Beautiful interplay, emotions
I like to see the models interacting, and showing how they naturally feel.
Bravooooooooo. I can't wait to see if they take it up a notch next time :)
Stupendous lady
I love seeing this much graphic male content and yet have the whole video feel like it is entirely about Grace and what she does. What a skilled and beautiful and loving woman...
Fun and believable
Both looked to be giving and receiving very naturally. I find the reciprocal nature of this tantric dance wonderfully sensual. Two very beautiful people enjoying touch. My favourite.
I thought from the very first time that Grace had a very beautiful face. This video only furthers that belief. She really shines in that she is enjoying herself here.
Wow.....just simply Wow
This is one of the most sensual videos ever produced by Hegre. Not to say the others were anything less because they ALL are amazing but this is #1
Thank you The aspect of mutual fulliment is evident from beginning to end. The sexual tension is palatable. The pace matches . At every step of the way, we want it to go further. Cogratulations, it works.
Well done Peter! I think you have reached the top level of the genre - this movie is a perfect example how massage video shall be done. It's erotic, sensual and ....yes ....electrifying ! I hope there will be more videos with Grace. She is wonderful performer, her smile is charming and the moment she briefly looked into camera with slyly wink worth an award. This video alone is a good reason to sub. Thinking of it, I would even appreciate a director's cut or extended version of this video. Or perhaps the backstage scenes or more footage from the top view camera.
I really enjoy this site! I'm a straight guy and I am very tired of the climax scene,in other videos,with the guy making himself cum. He actually takes his dick away from her to do himself. Crazy!!! Thanx guys,keep up the good work.
This type of video is why I stay with this site. Just wish there was a bit more oral action from her. I know it is a fine line between erotic and hardcore, but taking his cock deeper into her mouth would have been fantastic.
Wow Grace.....wow!
Bravo, love the chemistry here. I can't wait to see if they take it up a notch next time :)
Grace was ALMOST there... his penis was o very close and she had but to open her mouth, use her tongue to guide him in, and then orally pleasure him the way Mike was orally pleasing her. One of these films, the emphasis may shift from the lady manually bringing her male lover to climax to orally bringing her male lover to climax. Flora almost captured that moment with Mike in an earlier fim. Maybe Grace will concede to try to do so in a repeat...?
amazing massage session
This is what I've been asking for since last year. Awesome massage session, very erotic. "Playful" is the key word here. To hear her laughing and to see her smile made it so much better. We need more like this, PLEASE
Finally! Couples massages are WHY we sub!
How can the hell Mike go 30 minutes with all that attention to his cock by a beautiful and sensuous girl and not shoot his load at the beginning of this tape? Quite a man - and quite a girl...
Mike & Grace
Maravilloso, soberbio,majestuoso
Turned on
Good to see that Mike obviously finds playing with a beautiful model’s vagina turns him on, unlike poor Alex who s recently seemed disinterested, with few notable exceptions .agree she could have taken Mike in her mouth without distracting from the beautiful sensuality of this excellent video. More please.
This one should gain 'Komet's' approval..... ;)
Very Sexy
She is quite beautiful and even more beautiful when she smiles. This was a case of 'she couldn't keep her hands off him.' Very sexy session. Mike as always, comes through at the end (pun intended).
Not to tart not to sweet!! Both enjoying the moment
A Missed Opportunity
Great massage but Grace had a golden opportunity to show her appreciation by taking Mike's(?) cock in her mouth and sucking his balls dry while he was pleasuring her!
A very nice, well-crafted video. By turns, evocative, sensual, erotic, and tender.