Ganzkörperorgasmus-Massage 2

March 27, 2018
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Lehnen Sie sich zurück und genießen Sie ein wahres Hegre-Juwel: ein schöner, sauberer Massagefilm, in dem eine atemberaubende junge Frau von einem großzügigen Meister der Massage auf eine sinnliche Reise geschickt wird. Diese Film dient beidem: der Erregung und der Bildung. Ja, er wird die Säfte in Ihren Genitalien zum Fließen bringen, aber auch ihren Kopf stimulieren.

Seien Sie achtsam beim Anschauen. Männer sind sexuelle Trecker, aber Frauen sind sexuelle Ferraris. Sie haben eine tiefergehende Kapazität für einen Ganzkörpereorgasmus, sanfte Berührungen und tiefe Gefühle. Wenn Sie sie wie in diesem Film gezeigt behandeln - mit langsamen, rhythmischen, unnachgiebigen Berührungen - wird sie Sie an atemberaubende Orte führen.

Wenn Sie Ihre Frau Beben, Zittern, Schütteln und Kommen sehen wollen wie Melena Maria es hier vorführt, schauen Sie einfach nur zu, lernen und leben Sie. Testen Sie alle ihre Besonderheiten, Berühren Sie all ihre geheimen Punkte. Lassen Sie Ihr Ego fallen und lassen sie Sie führen. Seien Sie geduldig und sie wird Ihnen die Welt schenken. Dies hier ist eine echte tantrische, sexuelle Erweckungsmassage.

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more !
Perfect, so beautifull massage. A second one is mandatory (with more closeup), is it forecasted ?
Amazing. I so want a massage from Alex. She had some powerful orgasms. He is a genius.
Ever best Scene
Ever best Scene, Very good...
Massage Magic
Exquisite. A sensual delight.
Would have been better A Girl giving massage
I hope you can do it in future
This has been a real experience sharing Melena Maria in her throes of orgasm as her perfectly beautiful body writhes in ecstasy. Watching the transfer of joy down her wonderfully long legs to her sensuous feet as they curl at her height of joy - her whole body is a total expression of the climax crescendo.
Magnificent Orgasms and Massage Techniques
Melene Maria is incredibly wonderful to watch as she achieves magnificent orgasms with the help of Alex, whose massage techniques are masterful. I wish I were giving MM the massage.
Melena Maria and Alex
Alex brought Melena Maria to the right place multiple times and it was beautiful to watch Melena Maria. Such an exquisite lady!
Massage Masterpiece
Finally the wait is over. Melena Maria's first Male Massage and it's absolutely Perfect. Melena reaches orgasm after orgasm in the expert hands of master masseur Alex. Her perfect body groaning in extacy searching for more pleasure. WOW. Not too much not to little, just right. Now we have the possibility of more such Male Massage Films. Can't wait. Will she go wild. Excellent filming Petter Hegre, perfect massage Alex and many thanks for sharing this moment with us to the gracious Melena Maria. God bless.
oh man.The next massages should be only g/g. I dont want to see guys in here..
Melena Maria OMG!
Two beautiful people, no doubt. But as a man --- I'm sure the difference is in terms of access --- how does the male model here just not have a raging hard-on with pre/final-cum all over the place. Melana-Maria is just glorious to be hold --- such a beautiful sensual being. I'm sure I'm naïve to whatever the dynamics are in the production, but "god" damn, just seems reminds me of the saying --- "show me a beautiful woman, and I'll show you a guy tired of fu**ing her".
BETR: Melena Maria OMG!
With a monster like that, he'd need an extra quart of blood! Maybe he donates blood that often. No hydraulic fluid, no inflation.
loved it, she is amazing!!
would have been better with charlotta giving the massage
Yes agree Melena Maria with a woman!\
Me three!
Masaje completo con orgasmos multiples-
Melena Maria marca una clara diferencia con la hierática Ariel, ella disfruta de la velocidad de las manos de Alex, orgasmea a full y lo único que no le permite es que le meta el dedo en el agujero del ojete, el cual le retira con delicada firmeza. Un lujo la bellisima muchacha...
that missing piece
some of the best mix massage work ahs ended with the guy enter the girl and working her slow and then and then till but of course he have to be erect anyone could resist a body like that touching penetrating feeling and then see be wit her has she peeks.... the hump over the pillow is good for so much more oral penetration "pirate key"
this is actually the first time i ever seen her being touched by a man on internet and she has been on many sites mostly solo shots of herself but after seing her solo video here eating that dildo love to see her perform this on a male here and i am sure i am not the only one who would love that
Melena Maria is great - only Alex could have more sexyness . Incredible that he does it not get straigt up.
Melena Maria is a beautiful woman. Her body is a virtual sexual Disneyland! But never once was the tongue used on her - this despite the fact that her body is, quite literally, mouth watering!!! My hands are not strong enough to administer a forty plus minute massage... but my tongue has done that and more to my wife many times!! She claims the oral orgasms are more intense than those from intercourse. What orgasmic heights could have Melena Maria reached had she been orally "massaged?"
Wonderful video!
I absolutely loved watching her react to his touch. Oh how I wished I could be in her spot! Must be amazing!