Magische Selbstbefriedigungsmassage

March 11, 2014
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Sie gibt der Versuchung nach.

Flora versucht wirklich ein braves Mädchen zu sein aber manchmal ist die Versuchung einfach doch zu groß für sie. Lassen Sie sie einmal alleine mit einem geheimnisvollen Paket und sie kann nicht widerstehen. Sie will ja auf Sie warten aber ihre Neugier gewinnt einfach Oberhand. Wie sie dann den Magic Wand sieht, läßt sie ihn unverzüglich ihren Körper erkunden - ganz langsam und vorsichtig.

Was als nächstes passiert, überrascht sie dann aber total: Explosion um Explosion, immer und immer wieder. Sie wusste gar nicht, daß so viel Glücksgefühle überhaupt möglich sind. Jetzt hofft sie inständing, daß Sie nach Hause kommen und sie sich vor Ekstase windend vorfinden.

Werden Sie sie auf frischer Tat ertappen?


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un bel outil à ne point en douter
magic entertainment
but no magic lust
Great video
Flora is the most beautiful model on here. Love this video
Petter and Flora
Just wonderful! I do not know if it is your wonderful talent and skill as a videographer/director or the beauty of the subject matter. You make me feel just like your models do, which is beyond the realism of possible. This is certainly Pornography for Woman beyond the Ultimate. I have limited myself to on film a day. Do you two have any idea how difficult you make that for us?
Flora's Natural Beauty
Before watching this, I hadn't realized what a charming natural beauty Flora is. Every aspect of her body and femininity is goddess-like, of course, but her face is simply exquisite. She is so natural, so unaffected. I find gazing at her lovely face--her eyes, her mouth, everything--is as delightful (and arousing) as viewing other portions of her gorgeous body. The more close-ups of her face, the better. There's just something so entrancing about her, it's difficult to put into words. A person could fall in love with that face alone. She seems so natural, so quietly comfortable in her own skin, so lovely, so charming!
BETR: Flora's Natural Beauty
I agree 100%, she is a real beauty. I have taken a photo of her face and blown it up so it fills my computer screen, and no defects at all ! She is a perfect beauty, I love a smattering of freckles on her nose - so cute! Sometimes her expressions remind me of Audrey Hepburn -gorgeous. I do wonder what the 5 paw prints tattooed on her back signify. Any ideas???
The Vibrator is a Europe Magic Wand So is the attachments.
very hot attachments
Where we get one of those attachments!?
It`s written in her model description that Flora is "independent and in control". Well I would love to see her not in control! A video similar to Emily`s Restraints video would be nice .. blindfolds, ropes or straps around that incredible body and someone else calling the shots would truly be a sight to behold!
Great video but...
This really belongs in the Film section. Please bring back the masseuse and the sensuality of a woman receiving an erotic massage in bed.
Hi Ellie! You can order the massager and the extras in the Hegre Shop at
Flora beautiful as always, but the lack of human contact makes this video a bit disappointing. Its a simple equation, the more human contact, the steamier the video. At least, if handled with taste.
vibrator attachment
What's the brand/Where did you get that wonderful looking attachment to the Magic Wand-like vibrator? It doesn't seem to be available in the US? Looks like it would be great
Hitachi Magic Wand
I need that beautiful attachment for my wife. She would love it but I cannot find that specific one anywhere. Can someone help me?
Magic Self Love
It was great to return from 3 weeks holiday to find Flora performing with her usual vivacity. She certainly gives her all. What a superb body she has!. I do prefer it, however, when she is responding spontaneously with a live, ideally male, partner such as Mike or Alex.
As Always
Flora is AMAZING as always... i love her... i always wait eagerly for her appearance... but i think now i am over her masturbation... i want mike or Alex to explore her with tongue and dick .. and i want to see it not just hear it... and same time flora explode and moan and scream like she did in this video,,,hope that will happen..
Flora and her sex tool
YES, we have seen that now! Promoting these tools might be a good source of income for you but now it is time for new and more interesting features. Thank you.
Magic Self Love Massage
Flora is just an amazing woman! So sexy and such an fantastic athletic physique to go with it. This is a great video, really uninhibited - she must be going for a record for duration of continuous orgasm!! Anyway, whilst I can see that the Magic Wand is a great sex toy, I do feel that it is somehow a bit more enticing (and natural) to see a woman using her own hands for self-love - somehow the mechanical element of dildos or vibrators detracts a bit - so let's see more (and more) of Flora in different situations. She is a gem.