Massage Toucher d'Amour

December 30, 2014
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Le final parfait pour 2014

Si vous n'avez pas trop mangé à Noël, si vous n'avez pas trop bu et si vous avez besoin d'être requinqué, regardez ce film. Il réveillera vos sens, réjouira votre âme et vous emplira de désir.

Nous terminons 2014 avec un des massages les plus tendres et intimes de notre collection. Ce film n'est pas un thriller, mais son suspens vous fera frissonner. Regardez-le maintenant.

  • Durée d'exécution : 25:14 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

How could she keep her mouth off of that beautiful penis? It looks delicious. One of the best I've ever seen.
The end
That dick-slap at the end, though. That couldn't have felt good, lol.
Loving TEASE Massage
I enjoyed this film, in spite of the disappointments. Charlotta's incredible beauty makes it a pleasure to watch. The way she used her breasts to stimulate him was marvelous! But the one-sided oral stimulation.... Hopefully she is less reserved in her other films.
We wager your videos on trivial things
My woman and I are probally older than your average customer. (62 and she 55). For fun we like to bet on silly things, like the outcome of a basketball game. Or will Don on Madmen fuck the copy girl in the episode we are watching. The winner gets a massage based on one of your great films. We set up the laptop out of harms way, and the winner is luxuriated with a re-creation of one of your movies. We will mimic THIS video when i win my next wager.
Loving Touch Massage
Nice Video, but the ejaculation at the end should be better visble!
Sweet Charlotta
I love this video! I like how Charlotta cracks a sweet smile form time to time. The way she teased Leo with her pussy was a huge turn-on! No man could resist the urge to taste her! The electricity between these 2 was mind blowing. Please do some solo or girl-girl photo shoots with Charlotta. I am in love!
and the winner is ... ?
judging by other comments here, this is the best video on the site. I don't mind admitting, that's one hell of a cock.
The pleasure of touch
Charlotta manages to be very spontaneous, showing he has pleasure in touching as if not more than to receive the massage. Often in this type of video, is following a pattern, it is great to see the improvisation, the slow touch each of the bodies and the generous exchange of emotions.
Charlotta is extremely attractive. She gives the most loving and sensual massages I have ever seen. I love her videos !!. On this video, she also received some pleasure from Leo. Glad to see she gets pleasured too. I think she almost performed oral on Leo too, but held back. If she performs oral as well as she gives a massage, that would truly be something to see !! Charlotta is a very special Lady !! Please give us more of Charlotta. Please tell Charlotta how much we love her films. She is a very special Lady !!
great shoot
The sexual tension is fabulous. Charlotta cares about him and that makes all the difference. She covered all the erotic elements of a tip top experience. I've had this one so I know. However, the one thing that would have made it memorable for eternity is if she made him release onto her abdomen, and not his. That one thing brings all the previous touches and elements together to complete the relationship/experience and ignites a permanent flame. You're going to just have to beleive me on this one. And then she would ask him with her eyes to look at it. Nothing survives that earthquake of emotion. One more minor thing for the guy - hello did you not know that she wanted your mouth on her breasts? Really? But overall this video is a raging success.
It's all cock
Well, I have to say I agree - a pretty hot video. I can't say the black aparatus around her waist does anything for me and I can't think why she's wearing it; also, no connoisseur of cocks I think could claim that his is one of the most beautiful - however let's not carp, I'd love to be in his position! Good stuff and keep it coming!
this is a masterpiece. though i didnt like that he orally stimulated her and she did not do the same...
Loving touch, indeed!
This is the most sensuous vid on the site. Charlotta is hot, and her skill in slowly, sensuously touching, teasing and stroking her man is mind-blowing. I love the way she allows him to return the desire by caressing her breast, touching her thigh, kissing and gently rubbing her pussy lips with his nose. And yet she retains control throughout. It is the rare man who would not like to experience this massage. Well done, Petter! Worth the price of admission.
She's AWESOME !!!!!!
Wow, she's just over the top to me, wonderful video, edge of the seat all the way. Best I've ever seen -
The awe pouring from her hands over and into his body.
Wonderful and sensual
This was one of the best massages by far, man or woman, I did love the suspense and how she so softly stroked and played with his whole body, I am not sure how he lasted so long but glad to see that he did orgasm though I wish it was more visible and show his face as well as hers...great made me leak starting half way through it
I hope it is not to much to ask
What is wrong with the loving use of her lips, tongue, and mouth to erotically stimulate his orgasm? Please.
epic cock massage
The recipient probably thanked his lucky stars when he first laid eyes on his massage partner for the session. I'm guessing I would have popped MUCH quicker then he, probably while I tasted her beautiful kitty and/or when her graceful tongue flicked the head of my penis.
Thanks for this gift!
A great finale 2014! They made love with this massage, a powerful energy with happy end. Thanks for this gift awaintig a great 2015 of tantra masagges video. Happy new year!
IF we could all play like this, there would be no hate
Very sensual, damn these two are lucky, especially him. A bucket list type experience, slow, gentle, teasing, not something most of us can access...thanks for the imagining
Can I change places with him next time? Great shots of him eating/tasting her. Need more of those types sexual interactions in the future.
Loving Touch Massage
These two are dynamite, wonderful interaction and tenderness, keep their 'story' going, please!!
Finally, some interaction between the man and the woman ! Why not some actual kissing between the two and let his hands explore her body while she massages him. Otherwise, a very sensual and arousing video. More of these please !!!
loving touch massage
wow wow triple wow very sensitive and beautifull , Would have like to see more oral sex on both part haven't seen massage for a long time hope you will have it again every 2 weeks Super
Great flow, beautiful and sensual
So Sensual! Looking forward to seeing more male/female massage videos.
That was perfect. Excellent use of teasing.
So sensual...
One of the best by far. So sensual and erotic. Loved that you showed him climax and her smile at the end knowing how much she pleased/tortured him. Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Model Stats
Please give female model stats - bust, cup, waist, hips, height, weight in US measurements. Please give male stats - cock girth & length when flacid, cock girth & length when fully erect. Thanks Your website is FANTASTIC
Loving Touch Massage.
Beautiful massage video, excellently done, with the bonus of some naturally sensuous and tender interactions between the handsome couple. I agree with other Members that models' names - both male and female - should be shewn with videos films and galleries, and that the men should also have their pictures and performance details listed in the Models pages.
Jesus, you really know how to give more and more - slooooooowly. I am 100% sure they have made love together before this take. They are too intimate to be just two actors. Great, fantastic, splendid, top, outstanding, you won the price for the best film 2014 in this category. I love the slow progress of her way towards the ultimate tantra experience for her partner. I would so wish :) Happy New Year and much more of this couple.
Finalmente un altro video massaggio sexy era molto che non si vedevano più video massaggio mi chiedo come non si sia ancora visto un video con due femmine che massaggiano il pene, oppure quell'intimo realismo del massaggio orale come la grande flora ha saputo dare... io ci spero ogni volta....Hegre è natale devi essere buono...
Wished we had much more of these..
... Sensual boy/girl interactions on your site , specially videos
Stunning Video
This video along with just about all of the HD videos with white studio backgrounds are absolutely great. The lighting, the pacing, closeups, music are all just superb. Even for aficionados of the female figure, the male figures are also very beautiful. Great Job !
Request For Model Names for Videos
The Videos are lovely and a joy to watch, but would you please show the model's name (both genders) in the updates pages and everywhere else so we know without having to click on the video who is in it. Sometimes this information is not shown. Also, why not show the male models on the Models page along with all of the lovely women. Thanks