Lingam Massage – Volume 1

June 1, 2010

Tantric Goddess Zana performs a full lingam massage on this male model - lingam being the Sanskrit word for the penis.

Lingam massage allows men to experience longer, deeper orgasms and teaches through the deepening of the man’s consciousness complete control over his ejaculation.

This is a rare opportunity to watch a Tantric expert sharing the secrets of this sacred massage practice.

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Members' Comments

What are her sexual preferences? When does she get to receive rather than give?
There is a lot to learn here. I think I need a penis massage :)
lingham massage vol 1
This massage performed by Zana is so very much relaxing. With just her hands and expertise she knows how to bring Tantra well. Volume 2 is to bring attractive viewing pleasure again?
where is volume 2?
Hard Lingam
Delightful film, interesting and erotic to watch. I long for the slow and easy touch of a skilled masseuse. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find true tantric massage in rural north-east USA and if one does it is very expensive. However, the Asians do similar massage with a slow and easy approach that first focuses on relaxation then leads to massage of the erogenous zones and eventually to gential massage. Orgasm is always achieved and the woman is always in control. As with (beautiful) Zana in this video, much attention is paid to the testicles and at times done from behind with the man on his hands and knees. Anal massage is also provided (for those who enjoy) while the testicles and penis are being massaged. The orgasm is delightful. An orgasm that can be seen as well as felt. The session last about 2 hours and ends with a cool down massage. A delightful way to explore one's sensuality on a much deeper level and to improve one's ability to prolong sensual pleasure with a partner. Some of our laws do not favor the practice of this type of massage. I find that to be a very sad thing. My wonderful Asian masseuse of 3 years was recently charged with being an illegal alien and held for deportation. I have not seen her since. I seek a new masseuse to continue this sensual adventure with. This film has been a great inspiration in that respect.
Now I know why I prefer asian women who are so much sweeter and caring..and totally satisfying.
It's great !
really good. woman gives massage to man is a so cool category
I've never seen anything quite like that. Simply amazing. Equal parts artistic, arousing and rejuvenating. I might not want every film to be so measured and slow-paced, but this one, was just something special. I haven't looked around enough to know if Zana appears in any photo sets, but if she doesn't, book her ASAP. This woman has a beautiful figure.
New site is great.
Looked incredible, but did he come?
RE: Well..?
your not sapose to come...she is sapose to stop if he is about to come i think
Absolutely fascinating
Amazing film. Goddess Zana is awesome. This new section is great. We will all learn to be better lovers from it. Keep it up.
Leo’s Massage
Well I’m not used to seeing guys here but I have to say I would like to try Tantric massage out after watching this film.
This film was fascinating I have read about Tantra and all the usual things people expect of Tantra come to mind when you see this word but this film was awesome as it shows us a whole session. It was a real privilege to watch this and I would like to pass on my thanks to Zana and Leo for allowing us to watch something that is usually private. I hope there will be more similar films I am intrigued.
Hehe, how do we get a session booked with Zana?! Seriously I am going to show my girlfriend this film so we can experiment. Looks like a lot of fun to me.
Well that was different!!