Massage Tantrique Lesbienne

December 20, 2016
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Cette masseuse maître est en train de devenir une légende...

Nous l'avons dit auparavant, mais ce film est jouissif. Regardez Charlotta et son toucher délicat et sensuel, la façon dont elle prépare le corps et ce qu'il s'apprête à vivre. Mais elle ne tarde pas à mettre le feu. Vous serez hypnotisé en regardant ses doigts et sa langue qui donnent du plaisir aux zones les plus intimes et érogènes de l'autre mannequin.

Charlotta ne tardera pas à devenir une légende Pourquoi ? Pas seulement grâce à sa maîtrise du massage Tantrique. Et pas seulement grâce à son corps dénudé et sublimé. Mais grâce à ce qu'elle donne au massage érotique. Elle donne de l'amour.

Il ne s'agit pas seulement d'un face à face féminin. Mais d'un face à face affectif. Et vous allez profitez de chaque seconde.

  • Durée d'exécution : 47:31 Minutes
  • Format :
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Commentaires des Membres

Lots to love
I love the fingering and asshole stroke charlotta was doing on her. I love how she watched her while she enjoyed the pleasure throughout and when she came those times. I'd love to be massaged this way with my husband watching. Just showing my true vulnerable sensual self. You can tell at 13:13 she was really letting go and allowing herself to let go and come so sexy.
Charlotta absorbs her subjects ...mezmerizing
Nothing quite as erotic as two people completely emeshed in one another. Charlotta's pace...slow...slow..even slower allows the eroticism to float to the surface of her subject's skin. It appears as if her touch, especially the touch of her tongue, is orgasmic in and if itself! The filming was so spectacular I felt I was apart of it all. Unbelievable quality, grace and beauty.
We really need to see some more threesome action from this site and here's a suggestion. Why not these two women with Alex in Tantra type session. Maybe Alex can start massaging them both, he (and they) get really aroused, move in on his cock and begin a full on suck & fuck session?? It would be epic. The ending might be both women of top of him, cowgirl one and the other on his face getting eaten out. Prior to his ejaculation he pulls out and cums all over both of them.
cum shot
Yes, while watching this I felt compelled to stroke and imagine pounding Karina from behind, fingering her perfect little asshole and unloading all over that gorgeous ass crack.
The embrace at the end is so touching A very important element of Tantra, beautifully performed and filmed More like this please
beautiful. this toy seems effective. what's it called?
Charlotta: the teacher that loves her job
I would love to practise ! Hope fortune give me a model, and I will do it for free, and with no strings attached.
that was so great.. seriously glad I joined this site. Tremendous filming, beautiful
Magnifique de sensualité
terriblement sensuelles. quel film magnifique ! Charlotta est plus qu'une masseuse. Elle laisse apercevoir le plaisir qu'elle a a caresser amoureusement les corps pour les sublimer dans l'extase. J'adore
Erotica at it's best
I love Charlotta, but I think the only thing that could be hotter than this is to see Karina in a bondage massage like the one Charlotta and Dominique were in... wow...
I like the piercings. Not extreme piercings, just cute ones like these.
Finally, Hegre seems to understand what we want to watch. Not too softcore, not too hardcore - something in between is perfect
Each body draws Charlotta deeper into the art of touch. A natural reverence evolves in her contact, building a kind of affection that the human body organically elicits by discovery.
Finally Goddess meets Goddess!
Long we have to wait to see Karina in a movie! Karina the sexy, sweet, pure, aloof, elated beauty. And now she gets from Charlotta what Karinas body needs. Now we see that Karina has emotions, is only human and not an angel. Thank you Karina, Charlotta and Petter. More of it, if you want. But there is no other equal partner for the Goddess Karina. No Alex, no .... Only Charlotta can be her partner.
This would be awesome to watch in VR!
Oh! This is the lesson's true of sex into two splendid models. Grazie
Simply top
Wonderful - great
This is amazing!!!!
Oh My GOD!!! What more can I say. This is like the wine of all wines, the fountain of youth, and the Nectar of the Gods combined into one. Well done. I tend to play things long and slow when I get myself off with the help of porn. This one may prove difficult to complete while watching, take my word for it, Guys and Gals alike...
Simply perfect.
I love how much Carlotta enoyed this! She didn't take one second of her time with the exceptionally gorgeous Karina for granted! They are both so beautiful, but Karina is so sweet and sexy! I wish sooo badly that I could taste Karina the way that Carlotta did, but I will settle for living vicariously through Carlotta! :) Many more videos of Karina please! I absolutely adore every inch of her!
Wow ....exciting video
Can i say itmade me cum...because it did! Beautiful long video thank you
Absolutely amazing, two sexy beautiful women.
Wow !!!
Magnifique film !! C'est beau, sensuel terriblement excitant, j'adore !!! Merci Petter !
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
charlotta is an unique masseuse
2 beautiful girls - Charlotta, what a body! Nice film - more of that.
charlotta a travaillée fort
et elle est super bonne ,j'aurai aimer voir un peu plus de cuni...
Well, that just absolutely made my day! Thank you, ladies! <3
Fantastic film !! Two very beautiful women. Charlotta is a goddess !! This is the film that I have been waiting for. I have always wanted to see Charlotta get intimate with another woman. She is comfortable with men or women, this is totally erotic. I would like to see Charlotta expand her role with both men and women (maybe both at the same time ?). Please move forward with Charlotta !! Thank You
Best video I ever seen here before !! Karina is an devine Love and pure Sex
Yes, indeed, Charlotta is best for this kind of performance.
I'm not generally a big fan of your massage videos, however this is a beauty!! Two great models!! I must say that I would love to see photoshoots and videos of the lovely Charlotta by herself!!!
Nice show... more from these two.
VIVE LES FEMMES!!! While this video is of a very high quality, perhaps in future it would be better to have both women (au naturel) placed on a large mat. With that type of arrangement, both women would be better able to massage and pleasure one another.
love when she goes down on her giving her oral sex!!
She does look delicious......................