Full Body Orgasm Massage

June 3, 2014
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You’ve seen the outward signs: the accelerated breathing, the pounding heartbeat, the tense muscles and flushed skin. And let’s not forget the audible clues!

But what’s happening behind the scene when she climaxes?

Well, the brain goes into overdrive. Dopamine provides intense pleasure, while beta-endorphins decrease her feeling of pain. And then Oxytocin and Vasopressin increase the feeling of trust and bonding.

Watch our expert’s touch cause the release of this intense mix of pleasure chemicals in Emily’s brain.

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hot bring her back!!
Her ass is forgotten!
Beautifully done
I must have that table!
This is a wonderful and great video, but it does bring up the subject of closed eyes. The "unsaid" is the the receiver is deeply in love with the giver during the session, but it's just too much to let one's eyes show it, unless there is some established intimate relationship. Humans are reluctant to give in so fully and let their eyes show such fiery love with an acquaintance, especially when they are doing these videos.
Emily, a rose
Emily is a blossoming rose, without a thorn.
Great video... it would be even better in 1080? or better.
Thank you so much both of you. Just a privelege to watch your beautiful body Emily and to share the intimate occasion
If you trully love women!
You want her to know she is so loved you would go to any length to please her. How about sucking on her rose bud and thrusting your tongue into her so she feels that love while you find and finger her G-Spot as you watch her response. Love is what it is all about please show more of this in your films.
I guess when you start your massage on an OBGYN chair with your ass a foot in the air you should have an idea of what happens next. I like watching Emily have an orgasm. I also liked the sound of her being fingered in this one. Wet and juicy. Lady's you were both fantastic. Thank You
Full body orgasm massage
Adorable as always - Emily knows how to deal with the feelings. She is an always elegant person.
Beautyful emily has an infinite amount of orgasms to share with us at Hegre. A true delicacy achieved so tenderly with magical passion. Of course we like to see more of Emily like this. The question is would a naked masseur like Brendon standing for the chair be able to achieve the same magic as this masseuse?
RE: emily
love the slo-mo idea!
Full Body Orgasm Massage
Excellent. The starting position was original and Emily visibly enjoyed the entire procedure. Sine Hegre.com has become more progressive over the past year or so, I propose a contentious subject that I think several members would also like - if one of your experienced models and masseuses are up for it - which is to see a demonstration film on how to do a safe full fisting vaginal massage. It is said that, because it simultaneously stimulates both the clitoris and the entire vagina, full fisting induces the most powerful full body orgasms.This activity is now becoming increasingly popular - it is said to induce the most powerful full body orgasms - but there seem to be few instructional films on how to practice it safely. (You made an attempt at this in your Massage Video No.45, but this fell short of a full fisting where the entire hand, as far as the wrist, enters the vagina. The masseuse never went as deeply as the base of her thumb - which is the broadest part of the hand - thereby omitting the technically most difficult part of the procedure for both safe penetration and withdrawal. Perhaps it is time to produce a new educational video which goes that much further).
I'll make it short today, because no word is good enough to describe the pleasure of watching Emily. Outstanding film, straight to the point with heavenly moments that make me wish they had been captured in slow-motion to enjoy them a bit longer. Maybe next time? The starting position looks a bit uncomfortable, but from viewer standpoint i can absolutely not complain. ;) Updates like this make me ask where is the option for a lifetime subscription? Hegre.com is the best. Thank you very much my beloved Emily.
At times the top view makes the masseuse look naked.
Who is the masseuse? Would like to see her naked. Every now and then you get a glimpse of an erect nipple