Female Worship Massage

May 12, 2015

Real intimacy is at your fingertips.

Have you ever been with a woman and it felt like she was not fully connected with you? If so, then this movie is for you. You see women are different from men. While our bodies can go from cold to hot quickly, women need more time. Their bodies need to be worshipped.

So watch how our masseuse does it. With a delicate, beautiful and loving touch, she takes the time to awaken the model’s senses. The more patient and unselfish the touch, the more her mind and body will become open to you. Worship her like this and she’ll be yours forever.

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Members' Comments

Female Worship Massage
Wonderful sensuous massage. I discover Darina L. As already said, this is made possible thanks to this lovely and skillful masseuse too. Would have liked to know her name... Profound thanks to her, to Darina L and to Hegre for such a moment of grace.
Subtle Elegance
Darina L is without a doubt one of the most beautiful modeling on Hegre.com! Her figure is stunning! That alone is worth watching. The masseuse is also gorgeous and her technique incredible. I was however surprised with amount of stimulation that she was giving to Darian L that she wasn't just screaming in extasy. Which help me realize every woman's organism is extremely different. So I watched this massage again and picked up on even more subtle and beautiful moments. As the first time I watch it I thought was kind of boring. But then I realized I was watching it from a man's perspective only. I do wish the models would or could open their eyes just a little more to create some connection. However, perhaps they just want to get lost in the massage. I do believe the work on Hegre.com is real and not acting which is why I joined and this is an example of it!
female worship
I would worship at the Temple of Darina
Why can't you credit the masseuse?
Darina L
Men have killed for less...
Darina Amazing
Great material!!!!
her face
laying down relaxed, she has a hint of Luba in her face
This is why I'm a subscriber of this website: Darina is one of my all-time favourites anyhow, and this video is almost (almost!) too much: the sensual atmosphere, her incredible beauty, the pussy close-ups, the constantly hard nipples... unbelievable!
There is just one word for this: beautiful. This applies to both ladies, and even to the background music. I, too, would like to point out that also the Hegre masseuses are very pretty.
No words
It's so tense, so beautiful, thank you for that great moment, thak you Darina, thank you Petter. I don't forget the masseuse.
Watch the awaking as her body responds to the touch of the masseuse the HD and lighting is great
It is so nice to be able to watch due to the H.D. cameras lighting and the effects of the oil on her shin as she responds to the loving touches as she works first on the outer lips then moves on to the inner lips and you see the bump on her skin as she awakens to the tender touches this is real love not porn where it is all about the mans pleasure not HER PLEASURE being paid attention to. Great job Peter!
beautiful face
Perhaps its a sign of how strikingly beautiful a woman is, when you find yourself staring at her face, despite her total nudity.
some men
Some men have something to learn about loving patience and pleasure; yet some other men have something special and unique to contribute.
About the O
I can tell you, as a male, that I can give a 100% better massage assuming the purpose is female pleasure. I would love to see an older gentleman, extremely experienced in giving the O, massage one of these beauties. After 40+ years of giving mind blowing orgasms, I know of what I speak, as do many others. By the way, great work!!
Maybe there is a Female you WORSHIP in your life!
I love the excellent detail the HI Def cameras yield so we can see the finest details like the peach fuzz on this gals skin to the hair follicles response to the masseuses touch to the exquisite beauty of this model. I loved see her pay attention to her buttocks and the area between her anus and vulva and watch the bumps grow on her oil slick skin. It all comes together as Peter captures it with his camera and excellent lighting. If you turn your sound up to its max you can capture the sounds of the masseuses fingers as they work their magic and you get the chance to watch the models response to her touch. This teaches you what WORSHIP IS ALL ABOUT!
Darina worship massage
Stunning model (half a mark off for being shaved) but another dressed masseuse?! And zero interaction from model to masseuse? Your best video work of late has been with partly or wholly naked masseuses, and sensuous interaction between model and masseuse, so please continue that line of exploration, it is so emotional and stimulating.
Goddess Darina
Amazing beauty!!! You absolutely must have another massage with Darina!!! She is absolutely STUNNING !!!
Welcome back Darina
It's nice to see her back. She was the model that first made me want to join the site. She's one of the hottest models here with a gorgeous rack and a nice bum, as well. It would be great to see her with a guy giving/getting oral.
RE: Welcome back Darina
I second the suggestion from our United Kingdom friend. What a wonderful idea. Seeing her giving / getting oral would be wonderful.
Female Worship Massage
Beautifully photographed, as always; and the masseuse was as skilful as usual. I am an unconditional enthusiast of Petter Hegré's work, collaborators and models: all are absolutely superb. However, whilst acknowledging that women can appreciate female bodies no less ardently than men - and certainly not intending to be hypercritical of this video - it might have seemed more appropriate for a Female Worship Massage to have been given by a masseur. I am perfectly happy, (aesthetically, philosophically and morally), to see any combination of giver and receiver but, if you were to produce a Male Worship Massage video, would you choose a masseur to give it, or would politically correct gender politics compel the choice of a masseuse?.