Tantra-Tempel-Massage für Frauen

October 25, 2016
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Setzen Sie die Heilkraft der sexuellen Lebenskraft frei.

Noch niemals zuvor ist Adriana so berührt worden. Um Körper, Geist und Seele offenzulegen wie hier geschehen, musste sie zuerst all ihre Hemmungen überwinden. Zum Glück befand sie sich in den Händen von Charlotta. Man kann sich keine bessere, behutsamere und erfahrenere Lotsin auf dieser sexuellen Entdeckungsreise wünschen.

Adriana lernte bald, daß mit einer besseren, geschulten Wahrnehmung auch größere Lust und Genußgipfel erklommen werden können. Aber das Ziel dieser heiligen Zeremonie der Verehrung des weiblichen Körpers ist nicht stärkere Orgasmen zu bekommen. Das ist nur ein Bonuseffekt auf dem Weg zur sexuellen Erleuchtung.

Also betreten Sie die atmosphärischen Räumlichkeiten unseres Tantratempels und werden Sie Zeuge dieses heilenden und bestärkenden uralten Rituals

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Splendid combination
Two very sexy women!
That body
I must agree, magical body and magical breasts. It would also be mindblowing if she had squirted while beeing stimulated on the chair.
Very nice I was cheering Adriana on wanted her to let it all go. I couldn't tell if she orgasmed but I enjoyed watching her receive pleasure.
Where has Adriana gone?
After some memorable features involving Adriana, all of a sudden, she disappears! Is she no longer a model with Hegre? If so, what a shame! What a body! If she has not departed, why are we not seeing her anymore?
Where can i buy a stool/chair like that?
Who can resist Charlotta? And what a full-size model! I liked it very much.
she is one of the most beautiful women i ever saw. thanks hegre.
i love seeing the imperfect perfection of this film. right down to the massagee's wonderful breasts. you don't need to be perfectly symmetrical to be sexy, beautiful and erotic.
How about more videos of a man massaging a woman instead of woman woman massages ? And also pleasuring with a focus of he's moves, strokes. I'd love to see man's face , facial expressions, moves of tongue lips, how he enjoys doing it etc. Ah and also man's face when he orgasms, it is a great view too. You are amazing hegre team, thank youuuu
We are the Edens who meet, knowing the language of our immaculate forms. My hands hear the placidity in contours that can not resonate with male linearity. We are the gyno-dome wherein succor subsumes succoring, where the belligerence of the shaft can not penetrate and leave its altering. Something primordial has shaped my hands to her form between the mirrors of our sex. I heft and drop the breast with a care owed to a being singular in all the universe. The eliciting of ritual remains only in us after the Fall. We are safely reduced to the corporeal observances uniquely remaining in femininity where they are preserved inviolate as the world may only look on in longing from a wayward path to the one we take as forfeit. Our bodies make the undulative offering infinitely in facing women plump with sustenance and the generative potential needing only the ejaculated plasmal spark to make another. Two temples, wave upon wave, slope upon slope, the silken upon the silken all awash in sensation. Water holds no other integral place than in us, lubricating in our excitation, accumulating to float life in our inner-space, bursting like ripened fruit spewing at the breach of a human. No part of our forms holds even the merest intimation of harm, hill and dune, valley and cave, so much more like earth's vistas. We are the gems of corporeal being. What disembodied spirit given the choice of bodies to inhabit could choose without preconception any other than a feminine house? The enigmatic vulva whose disposition remains ever inscrutable in concealment, in some a presence epitomizing understatement, fluent in the orgasmic dialects of the tongue. A thing displaying the barely perceptible movement of a blossom, pulsing on each gasping heartbeat, glistening in the quiescent troughs before re-belaying its ascent as the boxing hips ocean- wave. Afterward the bud sits blood-plumped, a hidden nugget agreeable to slow persuasion as if one moment closer to completion, a shaping of the body more in the rightful image of a diadem and when unattended by ritual movement suffering a sacrilege. It is a wonder that simple touching unlocks the indescribable response in our human being, throwing itself disguised as a heated inner wetness round the fingers and all the while our bodies raising light into a sun.
white hot
creamed jeans, twice.
beautiful music
what music is this? I want to buy a copy to listen to alone and maybe similar music too
What oils do you use?
Wow very hot
Charlotta is in need of a good solid rogering!
I adore Charlotta. She is so sexy.
Tantric massage
A very erotic athmosphere. Energy flows - wonderful, I can't find words. MORE OF THEM! Please!
Beautiful girls,,Adriana has splendid breasts and nipples, Very interesting film, let's see more!!
Wow, Adriana!!!
Adriana has the most gorgeous breasts I've ever seen! And what a beautiful body too! Please, more of her!!!
i still wish these massages would end in a tender kiss or a smile...
tantric massage
beautiful, lovely girls lets have some more!
I really enjoyed this one! I loved listening to Adriana's breathing as she progressed towards climax. Please make many more of these girl o n girl massage videos! I think you should get Karina and Adriana together for a sexual exploration video! :)
wow!!!!!!!!!! charlotta est hot !
que ce soit des gars ou fille c'est pareil,fellation ou cunnilingus. tres beau ,encore plus !
That's the best video and i like the new model Adriana. I wanna see more of Adriana.
One of the better massage videos in a while. Finally nice to see a fresh face. Charlotta is beautiful as always, looking forward to seeing more new faces in massage videos to come.
How on earth did Adriana resist touching Charlotta?
Where can I get such a chair?
What a great chair, but where can I order it?
Charlotta & Adriana
Charlotta you together with Adriana have given me lots of viewing pleasure. Your beautiful naked bodies are so very hot and exciting to see. Please do continue with your exploration. I like to watch you use all of your skills and talents . I love it to see how you are using your tong much more . The soft and sensual strokes and kisses please me very well.
Almost there
The Music a little lover, their sounds a little higher. And the use of tongue.
Two of the most beautiful women period! Adriana & Charlotta alway deliver mind blowing, artful and tasteful scenes!
Adriana and Charlotta
WOW Finally once again a sensational sexhorny and super erotic film simply wonderful !!!
Female or Male Tantric Massage
Charlotta, this video brings back so many warm memories of being with you at the Tantric Temple. The tender caresses, your body heat, your perfect figure! I HAVE to return to spend time with you again! Beautiful Session!
Such beautiful, natural women. Something about a woman whose one breast is so much larger than the other! My wife's left breast is nearly twice the size of her right one...much like this girl and I find it so natural and sexy. Thanks for another awesome scene
ADRIANA & CHARLOTTA ACHIEVING TOGETHER SAPPHIC BLISS. Two beautiful women au naturel, bodies sleek and well-oiled. Unabashedly primal. Truly a joyous sight to behold.
Female Tantric Temple Massage
Excellent. Slow and sensuous. Both participants seemed to enjoy the experience.
Long live Flora.