Masaje femenino multiorgásmico

May 23, 2017
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Si alguna vez has tenido el placer de darle a una mujer orgasmos múltiples, sabrás la emoción que provoca, tanto a ti como a ella. Es como ganarse la lotería del sexo. Y es una de esas experiencias que te recuerda lo increíbles que son las mujeres, y por qué deseamos tanto su compañía entre las sábanas.

Esta película es un acercamiento íntimo a este suceso. Pero no de una forma fría ni cínica. Es más como si invitaras a un par de chicas que conoces a entrar en un cuarto privado y ver como hacen su truco de magia. Y entonces descubrir que el truco contiene aceite tibio, un coño abierto, y una majestuosa dosis de masaje sensual. Ahora, ¿Quién se ha ganado la lotería del sexo?

Acércate y comparte su viaje. Manos cálidas sobre una piel tremulante. Muslos amplios revelando jardines del placer. Poderosos embistes entregados con paciencia y determinación. Caricias gentiles. Y después la liberación, una y otra y otra vez. Tú eres el siguiente. Sube y síguela al cielo.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

This was wonderful
I thought this was wonderful , reminds me of some of the older down-to-business-get-a-lot-of-orgasms-videos, and the masseuse knew exactly how to do it ! What is her name ?
Serena L
I totally agree with RAZO. Bring Serena back she's great at giving pleasure to both men and women and does not mind being naked at the same time.
please, please, don't go back to hair
GREAT, GREAT,GREAT model who knows how to have an orgasm; but please , NO HAIR!
RE:please, please, don't go back to hair
I LOVE the pubic hair !! Silvie is the reason I joined, partly because of her wonderful hairy bush ! PLEASE PLEASE MORE HAIR !!!!!!
Seht genau hin Männer, hier können wir noch etwas lernen
Charlotta and Zana together! Perfection!!
If you did not savour the flavour of her wonderful juices you would be in violation of The Food And Drug Act. I can only imagine giving her multiple orgasms with lips and tongue action.
Bring back the Good ol' Days with .l. / (^)
I think Peter has gone lesbian. 80% of your films and massage videos are girl/girl. Bring back Serena L, with her Sexual Healing Massage, Lingam Honouring Oral Massage, and Sensual Sex Masssage. Then you'll get my attention back.
Charlotta is my favorite's one
But this movie didn't full satisfied me, there are a few little things that i coould like to had seen of Charlotta, ok, a lot of things, but the most important is a small small small dark side massage :D I know Petter can reads our minds and he's already working on the next movie. Thank you !
I'm use to see you giving pleasure, not receiving it. I love seing you excited and getting orgasm. I would give a lot to use my tongue on you. Wow, just wow, amazing movie.
yeahh charlotta is back. i missed you my darling. much kisses.
Wow, how wonderful Charlotta is. Just pure woman. Her body is perfect, her pussy is delicious, love her little smile. Would have loved to have seen the masseuse naked as well.
Hear hear!
Let the masseuse be naked too and to lick the other girl pussy!
Charlotta you are a beautiful , sexy, amazing woman. Watching you is pure pleasure.
Impresionante la pericia de la Masajista anónima, ella sabe tocar el instrumento jugoso de Charlotta, quien a medida que orgasmea va enrojeciendo sus mejillas, y retorciendo sus cuerpo que denuncia un placer sin límites. Charlotta es la numero uno tanto cuándo ella proporciona el masaje erótico, como en las ocasiones que lo recibe, entrega total siempre. Hats off para ella...
Long time no see
Finally, Charlotta is back. Would love to see more of her. Unfortunately so far there is no photo shot of her.
"Bone" for Charlotta.....
Please show us what red blooded, straight men want to watch.... the gorgeous Charlotta receiving "bone" - I would suggest from Alex... The two of them are "magical" together. Let it happen!!!
Peach fuzz
Love the little bush. Very sexy.
Normal Service Is Resumed
Now THAT'S a Hegre Massage Film - Creative Team behind the Muscle Car Cock Massage, please take note!
Finally, Charlotta receives!
How delightful -- and so very sexy -- to see Charlotta finally receive the wonderful pleasure she has so often given to others. I have often wondered "When is it HER turn?" I am so glad to see that she and/or Hegre at long last decided that now is the time. Beautiful!
Clothed massuese?! Noooooooo!!!
Great to see she who massages being massaged.
Its only far, to see Charlotta being treated like a queen as she has done for others :)
Your Pleasure is Ours!
Charlotta, it is lovely to see you again. To listen to you breathe, watch your face become flushed, your body respond to the touch of skilled hands and fingers...YOUR pleasure is OUR pleasure!
Female Multiple Orgasm Massage
Yes! Fantastic filming, but please when are we going to get to see such detail involving the Male/Female sex act? Together!!! Please!!!!!!!
CHARLOTTA & The Masseuse
LET THE MASSEUSE BE NUDE, TOO. (After all, it has been done in a previous massage video many moons ago.)
Charlotta gets her just deserts!
Wowww !! J'adore !
C'est magnifique !... Et Charlotta en pleine jouissance, c'est absolument merveilleux ! Des films comme ça on en demande et redemande tellement c'est beau et excitant ! 35 minutes de bonheur. Bravo Petter !!!
RE:Wowww !! J'adore !