Erotische, verbindende Massage

October 3, 2017
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Wenn sich zwei Menschen finden, um Liebe zu machen, kann soo viel passieren. Aber der Verlauf der Liebe hängt von der Großzügigkeit ab. Wieviel wird wird der eine dem anderen geben. Wird der Egoismus abklingen und der Wunsch zu geben aufkeimen?

Es ist wirklich wahr bei erotischen Partnerschaften: je mehr Du gibst, desto mehr bekommst Du. Es kann genauso viel Freude darin liegen zu streicheln wie gestreichelt zu werden. Wenn man den/die Liebhaber/in neue Gipfel des sinnlichen Genusses erreichen sieht, wird man automatisch dorthin mittransportiert.

In diesem berauschenden Film, sehen Sie zwei Menschen, die die diesen Punkt gemeinsam erreichen. Einer rubbelt, streichelt, saugt und befriedigt den anderen im Wechsel. Es ist ein Akt der Verehrung und ein Spiel der Lust, aber am wichtigsten, es ist wahre Liebe.

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Had to revisit Charlotta & Mike: each brings to the other a climax. Charlotta has an almost predatory look as she seeks to dominate her partner in oral pleasures - LUCKY Mike!
Charlotta is most delightful when she's orally involved with her partner. She has this penetrating stare and then she uses her magical tongue. She is so COMPELLING!!!
Une veritable thérapie de couple, c'est un plaisir de les regarder.
I love Erotic Massage!
Massage video is not so frequently added and I always looking forward to it when there is one. Awesome video! May I know normally what type of oil normally use for massage? Any brand normally used? Thanks!
Simply beautiful.....
ca a été long pour obtenir ce message mais ca valait le coup quel plaisir
two climaxes?
Where were the two climaxes? I see his at the end but what else? Nonetheless, a beautiful film.
erotic coupling massage
Charlotta is wonderful bisexual. Perchè nel prossimo massaggio show us a perfect threesome(naturally 2 female and 1 man).
Charlotte chef d oeuvre
Carlotta chef d oeuvre
love charlotte love love...cinema
In a word. Fantabulous. Whoops! That was a combo of two words but she is definitely worth that plus much more. I am also jealous that I am not there. :-)
Loved the whole 43 minutes
Nice video, thank you to all for sharing it with us...very exciting video to me to watch as it was a slow and erotic building from his precum leaking to her pleasure to his cuming at end, i loved it and love to see more like it...
beauty charlotta
i love you so much charlotte. Et en français je dis"je t'aime pour ta sensibilté catalan"
j ai beau aimer cette fille
j'ai beau aimer cette fille charlotte quand je pense à l'argent que je gagne je suis malhueruex
The Best
Charlotta is the queen with the magic touch. Wow.
Charlotta is Supreme
Charlotta is Supreme. No other model elicits the comments, admiration and emotions that Charlotta does...So much is implied, felt and experienced by her every smile, slow feline movements and obvious confidence in what she is doing and feeling. I agree with Chef@79 that not including penetration keeps her videos as art, not pornography..More of Charlotta please..but not TOO much!
So much of this film was wonderful!!!!! Finally, all of the loving was more than implicit!!! The couple were a terrific pairing from many angles: skin color, loving intents, willingness to orally as well as manually love their partner, and two true climaxes!!! A major improvement in the film quality - a fearlessness rarely shown on Hegre! WELL DONE!!!
True Hegre Style
Charlotta is Charlotta, Mike is Mike and ... Petter is Petter! "Magna cum laude" ;)
Charlotta is the goddess of Hegre. Every time she proves that with her sensuality. I want to see more of Charlotta. More frequently, like Ariel.And video was excellent as usual. I vote for not including penetration ever on this site. That’s what make this site unique. But more complete oral should be filmed.
The best
Charlotta is the best pleeeaaas more!!!!
Thank you
Charlotta is my favorite - long sensuous body with outstandinly beautiful vulva, anus and breasts. I could gaze, lick, caress and fondle her body all day. This performance made me jealous that I couldn't be the man in the sequence. Thank you for presenting Charlotta in such a beautiful way...
Charlotta is always on top...
elle prouve quelle est excelente , on aimerais voir un vrai accouplement , si ce n'est Charlotta , ca peut-être Serena ou Flora , mais on reste sur notre appetit, malgré le beau travaille de Charlotta et lui ne fait pas grand chose ,on dirais qu'il a peur du cunni...
erotic coupling massage
Charlotta is magic. More Charlotta please.
Beautiful as ever, but NO COUPLING! You take us close but with probably one exception in your videos there is no actual coupling. Cucumbers, dildos and other objects are shown penetrating models but not the most natural of things in the world. Come on, you could show it in the most beautiful way.
Back to some basics
I welcome the return to mutual pleasuring. Keep going on this path and we could get to the ultimate coupling, the milking of his manhood with her vaginal muscles. Let's move toward penetration slowly.
Charlotta is one sexy lady
Charlotta the Magnificent
Well it didn't take Charlotta long to get this guy leaking with anticipation. A fabulous massage film that only Hegre and Charlotta can acheive. When I book my tantric massage I pray that i may have the good fortune to have Charlotta perform it.
Beautiful but out of reality
Again a beautiful, kind of slow motion massage film. But if that would happen in the real world, I think both of them could not avoid having oral sex as a more important part of the session - now they only teased each other of a few light mouth/tongue touches. Why did the man again have orgasm, but the woman not? Where´s equality? I understand that massage must be massage, but I bet very few people who are naked and touch each other are able to avoid having sex in the end. Why not a new series of beautiful films: ORAL PLEASURE, starring Serena, Flora, Charlotta, Ariel and others. And another one: THE BEAUTY OF PENETRATION, not like in old-fashioned porn videos, but with beautiful bodies, new angles, slow motion, ideas for us watchers to dream of.
Now THAT is a good video.....some great angles in there
This is what I wish we could accomplish with Mike and Ariel
BETR: Now THAT is a good video.....some great angles in there
But Charlotta is Charlotta!
What a turn on that film is. Bravo to the performers. Charlotta is the best. Her extraction of oozing pre cum from his big cock is brilliant. What a woman. More Charlotta please!!
Enfin le retour des massages érotiques !!
Voilà ce que j'aime sur ce site, les massages érotiques ! Il faut revenir à l'essentiel. Vraiment très heureux de retrouver Charlotte dans un film aussi sensuel et hot !!
Erotic Coupling Massage
A sincerely welcome return to the kind of massage video - beautiful, slow, sensuous, sexy and empathetically interactive - that used to be the hallmark of Hegré. I hope there will be more frequent presentations of this sort in the months to come.
BETR: Erotic Coupling Massage
Very well put. I agree 100%.