Massage du pénis éducationnel

July 4, 2017
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Il y a de si nombreuses façons d'aimer un homme...

Le massage du pénis s'effectue sous de nombreuses formes et tailles, comme l'organe lui-même. Il y a les saccades, en faisant usage du pouce et de l'index comme une bague pour queue. Il y a l'enclume, pousser vers le bas de haut en bas à répétition. Et il y a la technique de la traite, avec des mouvements lents et doux pour extraire le jus bénit.

Mais si vous préférez voir une telle vénération en action, ce film est pour vous. Un véritable guide sur la façon de réjouir le phallus, cette vidéo est précisément ce dont vous avez besoin pour expérimenter la transcendance de "retiens-toi jusqu'à ce que tu n'en puisses plus." Amusez-vous à voir combien de temps vous pouvez tenir.

Que vous le regardiez seul ou le partagiez avec votre amoureux-se, nous vous conseillons de profiter de ce guide. Observez bien comme notre masseuse frotte le modèle de toutes les façons possibles et imaginables pour enfin le laisser lâcher prise glorieusement. C'est une vraie leçon de vie sur la façon de prendre votre temps afin de prendre votre pied encore plus.

  • Durée d'exécution : 33:23 Minutes
  • Format :
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Commentaires des Membres

To look for my answer of what her remark was when she got a close up look at his dick?
The novice came to learn ~ ~ ~
It is a great shame that a circumcised man wasn't featured. It would be wonderful if Leo could be persuaded to have the snip!
Lovely penis...
I think I would enjoy it a lot more than she seems to.
Does really well at caressing his nut sack. That always gets me going!
Why are most of your male models uncircumcised?
RE: uncircumcised
Maybe, because of the european models. For example in Germany only 15% of the male are circumcised.
Good work of the masseuse
Love the way she treats his scrotum. Most women forget to massage the scrotum as well as the penis. I think the perineum should have more attention, too.
Male orgasms
My wife and I absolutely love this site. It has thought us so much about ourselves and one another it is likely the greatest discovery in our relationship. One thing that we would like to see is a “how-to” (so to speak) video for prostate massage/milking. Although I have managed to have this orgasm via self-stimulation we haven’t quite gotten there together. Would love a little help and or/suggestions
Couldn't Wait..
For her to completely skin back that wonderful foreskin over the head. That seemed to get him to full hardness at that point!
She Should Have..
Kept rubbing out his dick head with the palm of her hand. That would driven him crazy with sensitivity!
Its been awhile since i watched this film....lucky girl and lucky guy as i am it was great looking at her from his angle...made me cum again...
very nice Performance
I love that she seems almost disinterested, except for A brief moment at the beginning. She had me right as I walked up to her.
So erotic
I very much enjoyed this film, the length and the sensuality of it was great, I loved the different positions that she used and I unlike most enjoyed her dressed and her facial expressions... Great film and lucky guy to have this attention to him and he is lucky in otherways too... Nice cock and great cumat end
Fantastic video
Loved this. Absolutely fantastic.
Our Lovely Massage Therapist
She IS INCREDIBLE!! I find her incredibly sexy... MORE OF HER PLEASE!!
What were the first words she spoke when she got a close up look at his cock? I didn't understand the language. :-)
She is an expert. One of the most skilled massages I've seen.. Great cum sequence.. Would love to see what else she can do.
A clothed masseuse makes the whole thing so much less of an interactive spectacle, and just another hand job, of which there are plenty already on the Hegre site.
Anonymity isn't erotic
Almost the most un-erotic film on the site (neck and neck with Muscle Car Massage). There needs to be some identification with the participants and some visible reaction (other than an erection) to have some erotic charge. Just mechanics, I'm afraid.
Geil, wie sie mit seinem Spatz spielt, ihn schaukeln lässt...
Una verdadera Sacerdotisa de Onán, ella logra que el feliz mortal que recibe tan esplendido masaje peneano mantenga una poderosa erección durante más de 30 minutos, y en el ordeñe final le saca una catarata de semen. Felicitaciones a la Masajista no modelo, y por supuesto a Peter por su hallazgo..
With that kind of enthusiastic engagement, he could have jerked himself off as well.
What was her comment when she saw his cock?
Love Zana
I would love to see Charlotta reward Zana for all her hard work with her very own Tantric massage!
RE: Love Zana
Agree on Chatlotta.
Superb und lehrreich
Super Film, auch als Unterrichtsmaterial für Lingam-Massage geeignet. Enthält über die bekannten, von Joe Cramer entwickelten, Griffe noch viele weitere Griffe zum Ausprobieren. Sehr schön zu sehen, wie gekonnt die Masseusin mit den Kronjuwelen umgeht. Besonderer Bonus: Bilder in denen die Griffe erklärt werden. Vielleicht noch ein Wunsch: Demnächst mal eine berührende Lingam-Massage mit "Big Draw" (ohne Ejakulation) zeigen.
If the guy is who I think it is, it's the first time I've seen him with an erection and ejaculating.
Another very sexy massage
Perfect video and perfect lingam massage (including balls squeezing etc) until the final cuming scene. Very educational. Very nice cock and balls. Would have preferred the women being naked.
B-O-R-I-N-G & P-O-I-N-T-L-E-S-S.
RE: ???!
I agree...
Is it important not to smile during this activities?