Double Thai Oil Massage

June 11, 2013
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It is an idyllic scene. Two beautiful girls give themselves up to the tender pleasures of a total massage.

Against a background of a tropical paradise, two masseuses give their longed-for care. They miss nothing in their quest to give complete gratification. Working as one, they unite the girls in the pleasures of the body.

They know, as only other women can, what thrills quiver through those whom they are pleasuring. Dreamy satisfaction at the finish is their reward.

  • 時間: 20:42分
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Very nice and non-sexual.
Wow! The "striking" Russians from 2008 in Thailand.
Couldn't we have one girl unshaven to appeal to both preferences?
Want more
It is a pretty setting sure enough but where are the pussy shots? There are one or two but I want more than that.
RE: Want more
You must have heard the phrase about variety being the spice of life. There is no shortage of pussy everywhere else. This movie is here to take a different angle and just gaze at the female form.
This is a very relaxed and relaxing movie. I got all floaty watching it and wishing it was me.
Working together
This all reminded me of a piece of choreography. It is like they are all working together in something like a kind of dance if you know what I mean.
RE: Working together
A slow dance at sunset giving us great images of moving shadows over so beautiful round curves and soft skin to the touch. Wet skin glistening in dimming light is adding such a wonderful melody to this slow dance. Surely lots more to dance to see.