Verrückte Klimaxmassage

April 24, 2018
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Einige unserer Filme vermitteln das Gefühl einer dunklen, okkulten Initiation. Zu Beginn haben Sie ein wenig Angst, weil Sie eine wage Ahnung haben was kommt. Eine Erfahrung, die Sie bis ins Mark erschüttern wird und Sie für immer transformiert.

Hierbei handelt es sich um einen solchen Film. Als unser Modell und ihr Masseur ihren exotischen, ölreichen Table Dance abziehen, könnte die Energie, die von ihren Körpern ausgeht glatt den Bildschirm zum Schmelyen bringen. Solch Intimität passiert nur, wenn etwas sehr intensives und immer währendes am Laufen ist.

Worum handelt es sich also dabei? Während Sie schauen, beginnen Sie zu verstehen. Seine Hände laufen über sie und in sie. Sein Massagegerät liefert schnurrende Stöße der Lust. Er greift ihren Hals, lenkt sie wie einen Hengst und sie schreit und schreit und schreit. Das ist die feine Linie zwischen Verrücktwerden und himmlischen Genuss und Sie werden da definitiv hinwollen.

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Wonderful video!
I loved that she wasn't all passive like in the other videos here. Great finally seing that. It just makes it more realistic in my opinion. Would have been nice though if he also came in the end. But an absolutely wonderful, powerful video. Loved seeing her letting go.
More natural, less clinical
I like when it isn't serious and clinical. No porcelain doll, but a real living woman with feelings. She pays attention to him as well, which adds erotic context.
Going deep
I'm not sure I found this 'dark' but I do think Mike helped Orphelia go deep (in Tantric sense). Orphelia's letting go is wonderful. Mike's focus and attention is powerful. Very sensual. And I love the mutual touch and different positions.
Crazy climax massage
Orphelia is beautifull and she orgasms strongly !
On point.
Heading in the right direction
After countless couples shoots and videos that were not all that erotic in my opinion, now we have had a couple good ones in a short period. I'm hoping we get back to the shoots that made me come to Hegre originally. Stuff like Flora and Mike, Alex and Serena, and Alex and Flora used to produce........ with real touching and intimacy.
Love hearing her enjoy herself!
She has a very sweet body. A very yummy ass and gorgeous pussy. We would love many more videos of this lovely lady.
Ophelia and Mike are superb
This was a wonderful piece of work. It had one thing that is lacking most times, interaction between both parties. With Ophelia stroking his cock during the video brought a realism of what lovers would do. The only shortcoming was that he was not allowed to orgasm at the end. It would have been a fitting ending. I would hope to see more of them together or others with the restrictions lifted.
Yes an erection! how really could he not get off
Nice to see the guy erect and aroused that she work it both balls and cock. Seen him before penetrate then at the apex with draw and cream her stomach would have been a nice ending some day like to see a real combo O the girl and guy her gasping for breath as she uses his cock like a paint brush squirting his cum all over her body ....
Great cinematography on this one! I can't help but feel though that the male model is upstaging the woman. I have never seen a more healthy looking human. Only thing missing is hair. Look like he shaved. Very unnatural. I would love to see a massage video once where both models look and are very natural. Meaning no grooming and shaving armpits and other parts of the body. Oh and no tattoos. They really distract from the body if you ask me and break any erotic illusion. You create visual fantasies and tattoos bring back the hard reality that you are staring at individuals performing and modeling for your pleasure.
Orphelia & Mike
Esta pareja es la contracara exacta del hieratismo de Ariel & Alex. Ella disfruta a mas no poder las masturbaciones manuales y mecánicas de Fred, quien luce excitado con una erección soberbia y permanente lo que significa que hay química entre ambos. Por su parte ella le retribuye acariciando su pija, huevos y cuerpo, y con un doble besito final a sus testículos. Sólo falto la merecida eyaculación final de Mike(calculo que deben haber seguido la sesión en privado, fuera del ojo de la cámara). Hacia mucho tiempo que Peter no nos ofrecía una experiencia tan intensa y lograda.-
Great video
It would be nice to have more details on the models. Female bra size, hips & waist. Male models cock length & girth erect & flaccid.
The mutual willingness to satisfy one another comes through.. Wish that Hegre would let them build their fire together.
Great massage but would of been perfect if she would have made him come at the end ( to bac) but very nice thank you
Love how Ophelia cops a sly feel of the masseur early on - more animation than a dozen Ariel massages.
This is a spicy & subtly passionate erotic video in which OPHELIA & MIKE fit together like hand in glove. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. (By all means, let's see a second video featuring these 2 well-matched people, au naturel and oiled-down. My only proviso would be that the massage table be replaced with a massage mat or mattress close to ground.)
after lightly stroking his cock throughout the massage she should have jerked him off at the end
a beautiful expressive face
especially when the beautiful woman comes to orgasm. He too is a beautiful person and the combination is simply aesthetic!