Clinical Erotic Massage

June 5, 2018
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For those of us with even a hint of a medical fascination, watching a massage can be very satisfying. Especially when it’s performed in a white clean room that conjures up a sense of scientific procedure.

Of course, it also helps when the procedure is an erotic rubdown and the patient is the most perfect young woman you’ve ever seen. Her every curve flawless, her passion intense, and her intimate parts flushed with bliss.

Sit back and enjoy this new Hegre film. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from our erotic massage series and more. All the sensuous excitement is here, but with the added thrill of being performed in an almost supernatural space, filled with clean linens, bright white lights, and slow methodical movements.

The doctor will see you now…

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Comentarios de los Miembros

I liked the way she teased her bum with the thumb around the 20 minute mark. She should have slipped her thumb into her bum for additional pleasure.
... also love
Also love the three fingers , and the trembling from the vibrator .
Just love
Just love the nipples , and the white gushing .
The massuese is dressed again. NOOOOOO!!
I hope the next massages will be girl-girl too.
Masaje Clínico Erótico
¿ que es el liquido blancuzco que le sale de la concha?,¿ el moco cervical?. ¿Alguien sabe?
RE:Masaje Clínico Erótico
girl cum
The model getting the massage has perfect breasts and fantastic "dot nipples!" It might be worth considering having two women work on a "client." One woman would perform as we saw but the other would orally attend to all of the other available areas NOT being massaged: like sucking on those extended left foot's toes or licking those wonderful dot nipples while the masseuse is working on her vagina. The effect would be even more pronounced on both the model and the audience!
Nice video. But let's go back to the format of the earlier massage videos, when BOTH the model and masseuse were FULLY NUDE. (Think about that, Hegre.)
Paradox in the title?
Prefer less clinical, more erotic next time?
Visional obstruction
Good instructional. The size of the vibrator is better than the big magic wand but it still gets in the way of clitorial shots. Unless the vibrator is to be inserted a high energy pencil would be more instructive and maybe more erotic
very nice, if not very clinical.