Asian Erotic Massage

December 1, 2010

Yoko seems a little nervous at first. But as the tender and talented hands of the masseuse work over her body, you can see her begin to relax.

Is she truly nervous, or just a little shy? It starts with a cleansing of warm water and soap, to clear the dust of the day from her skin.

When her legs begin to twitch you know she’s forgotten everything outside the spa. And who wouldn’t? Erotic and explicit, but as beautiful and captivating as any true work of art.

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Members' Comments

The young lady has a terrific body, and it was such a pleasure to watch it being massaged so well.
Was she orgasmic?
Masseuse Name?
This masseuse is beyond beautiful. Any chance you can do a spotlight on her? She is the reason I keep my membership. Can we have more of her face shown? I would love to see her massage a man like this..
Yoko's massage
... WOW ! ! ! That was incredibly hot, intense, suspenseful; thanks to all of you for letting us share such an intimate scene.
i'd love to see a little more of a physical reaction from these beautiful women.
Funny ...
Did anybody notice that dude speaking in a german accent at 6:24 saying "let's take some phoddos"? I didn't get what he said at 7:18. But it perfectly destroyed the illusion for me. And later on somebodies shadow walked through the picture? That's kinda cool cause it shows that there's a bunch of people at the set, all doing their thing, sound and light and camera and whatever? No wonder the models won't come. I wouldn't come either if you massaged me at Piccadilly Circus :-)
RE: Funny ...
Yes, the male voice and the shadows were distracting indeed. Its likely that what prevented her from reaching orgasm. Too bad, because overall, it was a fantastic video. The model and the masseuse both are exceptional.
Een prachtige vrouw
Wat een ongelofelijke mooie vrouw, en zo beheerst zoals ze met haar orgasmen omgaat. een woord geweldig en sensueel.
I wonder if,,,
Yoko is a sexually sensitive girl I LOVE it. She kept her legs twitching and I could tell her big wave orgasm is just around the corner. But also I can tell she didn`t get there. Why not brought her to the summit ? It must be anguish for her and frustrated !! Peter, I wonder if you could do it again with A to Z.
ok... yes, this was a really good one because she twitched a heck of a lot and for a very long time. But, unless I was too busy beating my meat at the time, I didn't really see that explosive orgasm that others mentioned. Can someone tell me at what time it happened? Thanks! Oh, and by the way... watching an explosive orgasm while the girl tries to hold back but can't, and might be a tad embarrassed because of it... would be awesome!!
Besides the fact that I would love to give one of these beautiful women a massage myself, I would love to see tiny little Ira and the African goddess Naomi get a massage in one of these videos. With orgasm of course. I love these videos. Keep them cumming.
just gotta love those breasts!!!! and where can i get a massage like that for my wife in norway????
Superfluous Magnificence
An overabundance of terrificness, an extra portion of wonderousness and a surplus of erotic beauty. Watching a woman have an honest-to-goodness orgasm in such a beautiful setting is so incredibly arousing I can come up with big words all day to describe it. I have seen quite a few of these films, and despite that they all may seem the same on the surface, they are all unique to the girl and that is splendiferifously splendid!
Good Orgasm
Wow! This is really exciting and very hot.
Who’s The Masseuse?
She’s got quite a cute figure on her too! I loved how she tried to hide her panties (or lack thereof) when she pulled down her pants. Maybe you should do some pictures of her. When is Zana coming back?
I’ve actually tried some of these techniques with my wife. I think she might not mind that I subscribe to your site now :-)
Just Lovely
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching your massage films. In fact I look forward to them more than almost anything else. She seemed nervous at first, but she seems to enjoy it nonetheless!