Adriana Self Love

October 18, 2016

Private act turned public show.

Masturbation is usually a private event. You don’t normally have an audience. And if you do, it’s rarely an audience of more than one (unless you forget to shut the blinds). So imagine you’d never masturbated in front of another person. Not even a partner.

Now imagine that the first time you let someone watch this most intimate of acts, it is not just one person. It’s an audience of strangers. An audience potentially numbering in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Despite her inexperience ‘performing’ like this, Adriana does not even notice the camera. She’s completely lost in the pure pleasure of the moment. And in a few seconds, so will you be…

  • Runtime: 16:08 Minutes
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Members' Comments

it's so wonderful i loved Adriana i like to watch more of her videos
Amazingly cute
Beautiful & Hot
Adriana is very expressive, especially as she nears orgasm. The camera is perfectly positioned to reveal beautiful close ups of her labia and clitoris. It would be especially erotic to see the actual contractions of her vulva, PC muscles and anus while she cums. Orgasms only last a few seconds, so it wouldn't monopolize the scene, but it certainly would be hot! That view at just the right moment would be a great addition to all female masturbation scenes. Not showing the orgasmic contractions is like cutting a cum shot from a male orgasm scene.
Adriana OMG
All I can say is Oh My God, Heart skipped a beat world stopped turning, more please.
adriana is the precioust model, i like her feets and her boobies.
très jolie
so beautiful
genußvolle optische Aufnahmen femininer Selbstliebe - beautiful closeup scenes. Please more of her. Thanks a lot.
Girl next door
I liked the skin tone with the lighting. Adriana is attractive, poised and sexy. I hope to see more of her, thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with us Adriana! I really liked the sweet smile at the end! :)
Beautiful meaty labia and fabulous breasts. Magic.
I like it a lot that a new and unexperienced model gets a Video again and I like the idea of films now being 4k as well! Today is a good day :-) More please :-)))
Very nice
I agree with others, it was great to see Adriana in a video. She did a wonderful job and certainly look happy with the results.
Very nice video, very nice Adriana ... and very exciting show! I hope for other sessions! Thanks
nice to see this lady on video so quickly! lovely!
well done