Tantric Massage

October 1, 2009

Experience the ancient sexual techniques of Tantric massage in this erotic film featuring a male client.

Performed by our in-house masseuse Zana, a highly experienced Tantric Goddess from Hungary, this explicit film was shot in Paris.

Zana take you through a full Tantric Massage session featuring all the sacred rituals such as Bonding, Tantric Play and Yoni/Lingam gazing.

This is a unique opportunity to watch a complete Tantric Massage.

  • Runtime: 1:28:29 Hours
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Members' Comments

Lovely acroposthion...
It's so beautiful when she gently teases his penis. I love how into it he gets.
Wenn ich stöhne, dann hat das seinen Grund ......
Tantra Massage
These original Tantra Massages set a new standard to this site when introduced. I feel the intended build up of energy from the delicate strokes and body contact do show great viewing pleasure. The full length and extended film I do like very much. With the developments in this genre as shown in this site I feel it could be made more exciting with revisiting the original start. Can you show us a full length movie of a Tantra massage given by a girl to a man. She is to start by giving washing him completely. I can picture them both standing up completely naked as she is washing him from top to toe cleaning and touching him all over. Ones completely clean, she is to dry him all over then covering him like the start in the original tantra movies. She then gives the guy the tantra massage using scented oil on all of his body using her hands. I do like to see the masseuse using all of her completely naked body touching this guy and bringing the excitement clearly visible into his body. Can you show us the true intention of the build up of the ever so powerful Tantra energy in a guy with the extension of this massage? Can you show us how the masseuse will bring the guy to a climax using all of her body, but hold it at the very least moment only to allow him his full body orgasm at the third time?
The fact that the man cannot even maintain an erection with this incredibly erotic massage, is strange - kind of ruins what might have been your best massage vid ever.
Can we start a religion and make Zana goddess?
She should be worshipped and be free to grow and live and practice all her arts as she would wish. It would be a privilege to serve her and maybe someday get one of these!
Yes, in China. And much more hot! Like Nuru and Red Rope ...
You don't need to come
I am lucky to have had quite a few tantric massages over the last 10 years or so, including three in the last month. The "official" attitude is that the guy should not orgasm as this is a release of energy, some tantrikas actively avoid you orgasming whilst others give you a choice. Sometimes I choose to come but mostly I don't. I know most guys find that hard to understand - I did at first - but now I am perfectly happy not to and I feel better, more energetic, for doing so. Try it and see.
tantra film
I dont see how after that gorgeous lady plays with the man, that he doesnt have a hard on and I would have wanted to get inside of her so bad.
I had two tantric massages from Zana, wonderful. Peter do you have any photoshoots of Zana or any of Zana receiving a massage?
Great video But after almost one hour of rubbing , the man doesnt have any hardon???! Is it because of the camera man , is he inside the room?? My dick would have been up and hard ready to explode Any way i really luv the soft body wrestle at the end , very exciting wooow
anyone knows a place where i can try this massage ?
great experience
i really want to try this massage
Erotic Tantric Massage
I attended 2 Tantric Sessions in New York; and they were amazing. Carla (from Maui) visits New York now and then. She spend 3 hours with me; keeping me erect for 2 1/2 hours. However, all Tantric Massages and Offerings usually end with male ejaculation. These videos are truly enlightening; however, I feel you should show a male massage to completion.
No Cum For Guys?
I guess don't show happy ending for the guys? These male massage videos would absolutely made this Awesome. Apparently Hegre doesn't promote this type of finish. Hohum....Great Site!
Can anyone tell me if he cums at the end?
beautifull movie , desperately waiting for volume 2!!!!!!
Great film
Thanks for this film and to Zana and the model for allowing us to watch her at work. Great stuff keep up the good work with the massage stuff I love it.
Thank you so much for this film showing a full Tantric massage session. This kind of massage really is the ultimate body experience and everyone should try it at least once!
Well there you go – very educational never seen anything like it before and might have to try it now.