Yanna Mise à nu

June 28, 2005
15 Commentaires
Danseuse privée

Dans un de nos films les plus sexy, la jolie Yanna nous prouve à quel point être ballerine peut s’avérer utile.

Gracieuse comme un chat et sensuelle comme une femme faite pour la scène, Yanna se dévoile totalement, laissant paraître son monde intérieur féminin. Rien d’étonnant que cette diablesse ait eu un grand succès dans le circuit théâtral de Prague.

Beau, attrayant et plus qu’époustouflant, ce film ne vous laissera pas un instant de répit !

  • Durée d'exécution : 2:44 Minutes
  • Format :
    • SD 576p (26 Mo)
    • SD 480p (12 Mo)
    • SD 360p (6,9 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

Yanna dancing
This is sooo HOT! Yanna has perfect rhythm to match her perfect body. I will never get tired of watching her.
Yanna is the perfect woman
Does life get any better then watching a woman like Yanna? I think not! Gorgeous work as always and I'm really fighting the urge to ask for her phone number.
eroric perfection
Yanna certainly displays her perfect body with erotic perfection! The still shoot using the same wispy black cover proves that she also finds the experience erotically exciting...! Love it when the model is having fun too, please give us more of this goddess soon.
yes, one of the best....: the tease, the fluid motion, the delivery... more, with some extreme closeups please... what a great personality!!!
Yanna has really outdone herself in this video. I especially loved the way she "rolled" her hips ever so smoothly as if by instinct, like a graceful and sensual tigress. She dances so well. I hope we can see MUCH MORE OF YANNA in future videos. Suggestion for a future video, have YANNA completely oiled-down and let her dance her heart out to the tune "MOMENTS OF LOVE" by The Art of Noise. Smile. (Hope Yanna reads this.)
WOW - WOW - WOW. Hegre back again. Sexy, simple, artistic, naked, and shaved. THAT'S the way I like it. Musics are OK and wonderful initial and final effects. She's gorgeous and sensual and funny, and this film is a drop of erotic perfection and care in a yet so simple and flat fixed camera position. She makes all the video. Thanks Hegre for having found your way to give the girls such tranquillity and bring the sexy world inside my house. And thanks Yanna to be so wonderful :-).
yanna stripping
fluid and fit, there is no excess on her body. graceful, fluid movements.
The Best
this is by far the best Model here, hands down!
Yanna's legs are the most beautiful I have ever seen. The rest of her is not so bad either. Yanna always gets a 10 from me. Perfection!
I could watch those tits all year! Fantastic :D
What can I say about Yanna but OH MY GOD !!! She moves with such ease and grace and so so sexy. I guess I had better start checking prices for airfare to the Chezch Republic, Yanna is one in a million !
What more can I say?
This really shows off Yanna's stunning body and her sparkling personality. I'm running out of adjectives to try to express Yanna's beauty in words--so guys, just download this video, and let the video speak for itself!
Best Film Yet
Yanna's performance, and that's what it is, is moving. Seeing her in action added a whole new dimension to her charming beauty. Hopefully, she will continue to dance professionally in some manner or other.
que mas maravilloso que una mujer hermosa, una vida vale despertarse cada dia con una mujer asi, bella simplemente
wonderfull...but not enough long.