Venus adoración propia

October 13, 2015
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Delicia divina

Una diosa por nombre, una diosa por naturaleza.

Nuestra nueva modelo, Venus, no solamente tiene el nombre de una Diosa. También tiene el cuerpo. Su piel sin fallos y sus ojos seductivos muestran el poder de su juventud. Y tal como lo dice su nombre, ella simboliza la sexualidad y el amor sensual.

Esta película no es un suspenso cualquiera. Se trata de un misterio sexy y lento. Poco a poco lograrás descubrir sus hermosos secretos. Y cuando sacude el culo de un lado a otro es totalmente hipnotizador. Pero la verdadera magia está en sus ojos.

Simplemente fíjate en ellos mientras se da placer, eso hará que tu día valga la pena.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Wow Venus
You're really so cute, I want to see more videos of you.
What an "amazing" young lady.
Sensual Venus
One of the best vids I've seen on Hegre. Sweet, sexy and beautiful, Venus captures it all.
Is it possible to download these videos? New to and just curious about that. ^
Underneath SHARE are the download options. Just click on one.
Intensely arousing , spellbinding girl,
Venus, bombe sexuelle
Quelle beauté, quelle merveille !!! Comment peut on être si belle ? Ce film où elle se caresse et se masturbe m'excite au plus haut point ! Encore !!!
She truly is worthy of worship.....but those beautiful.....I almost cant get past them.
A gorgeous young woman!
More films with Venus, please! Perhaps a Massage feature?
elle devrait être là pour longtemps
Oui, c'est vrai, j'espère qu'elle retourne très bientôt!
Venus is perfect!
Oh my god, shes perfect!!!
Come back soon
Please give us some more
very beautiful
a very beautiful girl. beautifully filmed, a breathtakingly beautiful
Anazing use of fingers
Sexy, sensual. A masterpiece.
Man.... What a complete beauty. Those copper colored eyes! Gorgeous smile, incredible body. Girl of my dreams.... Wonder if she likes to travel ;-)) Cheers, and Thanks ~Andrew
start at 6 min mark, lovely perspective
really perfect
Beautiful girl, wonderful shave, very nice tits and nipples, and .... at 8.40 and 9.25 a so tender pink bud revealed
RE:really perfect
"Perfect shave" is right! BIG kudos to whoever waxed this girl. There is nothing worse than red bumps and missed hairs, sometimes. This is flawless. And Venus, holy god. She might be some of the only evidence I've seen for one.
just joined for a year today and you may have a lifetime member.. have viewed a few videos and saved every one....never seen this quality in shoots.... incredibly well done
Agreed. I also joined
great minds think alike
i had just seen the shots and suggested this very scenario - and there it was. fantastic start with the ice cube. massage next?
Where do you find them?
Venus is another in a loooong list of drop dead gorgeous beauties. 18...perfect....flawless in very way! Then she stares in to my soul! To top off everything, she gives us what in my opinion is the GREATEST video ever here! Uninhibited and focused....she is the greatest find yet! Is it that easy to find these women in the Ukraine? If it is that easy, I will be needing to go there. Venus is everything I could ever hope for and so much more! Fantastic work! Thank you for Venus
Deja vu!
Venus is extremely beautiful in her own right! but she reminds me so much of Czech model Caprice! Is it just me?
Her eyes are beautiful, her breasts and nipples are stunning and everything else is pretty good too. How I wish my hands and fingers could go where hers go.
what a strange thing, with long fingernails..., autsch..!
Great and beautiful new model. Her eyes are so seductive that you cannot resist. Body is so amazing.
Venus for ever
A fantastic new model. I was staring at her, my body reacting with her fingers. I can't describe my feelings. I was Under the optimum charm I could expect. GREAT and see you soon many times. I want to follow all your adventures
"you'll have to accept her passion for nude modeling"... ok by me, if she's ok with me lookin! not that I would feel the urge to look away for too long! this young lady is aptly named, indeed!