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Susha & Leka photo session

October 26, 2004
Two's Company

Introducing the Dynamic Duo!

Leka and Susha are naked on film for the first time and they are so brazen leaning over the hotel balcony with the sea sparkling in the distance, dapples of sunlight polishing their slender limbs and their perky, perfect young breasts brushing sensually together in an embrace beneath the blue sky.

Leka and Susha are new models, the perfect new nudes in a perfect film. Great music, too!

  • Runtime: 3:41 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 480p (16 MB)
    • SD 360p (9.3 MB)
    • SD 240p (5.7 MB)

Members' Comments

Didn't much care for this, the jerkiness was off-putting.
Susha and Leka
Spectacular, stunning, highly erotic, tantalizing, aluring, captivating, and I do believe now, that I may be in love!
Nice touch with the B&W stills tied in
I like how you (the team) took key moment and made them into BW shots. nice touch.........its a good reminder of we are seeing what peter is seeing and he was capturing the key moments as this footage was being shot. and of course the girls look fantastic.....(which is a given). Best, Site Member
Loyal constructive criticism
The B&W shots are great! Unfortunately, all the panning and zooming with the accompanied 'jumping' of the camera almost gave me motion sickness. I thought that the composition and was very good and the ladies were just beautiful. I recognize the difficulty of filming outdoors with natural light, but, the graininess of the motion picture compared to the crispness of the stills made me long for a still to come along. I applaud your creativity and adventure in this effort. Perhaps a steadier hand, slower pace, and stronger lighting to assist the camera as it wends your magic will hone these new techniques so they can become a welcome complement to your beautiful subjects. Please, Please keep these efforts coming!
I agree with Charlie on this - It's way to choppy. The ladies are awesome. Kinda wished they had kissed to end the scene.