Stasha Frénésie des doigts

April 16, 2013
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Stasha vient de se réveiller. Mais elle est déjà éveillée. Le rêve dans lequel elle a pris son pied est encore vif.

Ce rêve devient un rêve éveillé qu'elle commence à mettre en application. Ses doigts glissent entre ses jambes écartées. Elle met la main sur les endroits les plus sensibles et les explore. Le désir de Stasha prend de l'ampleur. Bientôt tout son corps est en éveil. Ses doigts tendres se faufilent dessous, derrière et en dedans.

Et finalement son rêve devient réalité.

  • Durée d'exécution : 11:43 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

A really beautiful movie.
OK, I actually liked this film, despite the lack of orgasm and some oddly gymnastic poses, but the goose bumps, lack of nipple erection, and her vulval dryness, plus her occasional glances at the camera rather spoil the continuity, as does her full facial make-up (just woken up?) and a set of finger nails badly in need of a manicure. A hint of pubic hair, always a winner in my book, is a good sign, but this was more of a porn shoot than an art film. In that context, some of the images are very erotic indeed, nice one!
Masturbation of Stasha
Splendid long and soft masturbation!!!!!!!
Finger orgasm
Perfect body and pussy ...but fail to be natural
Nice show, superb lady. But I prefer a real orgasm.
Fantastic movie! Stasha is one of my favorite models, and i missed her so much! Hope soon, we get more pics and movies from her!
Stasha it is a privilege to see these close ups of your lovely pussy. This movie shows you at your best.
Stasha is one sexy model OK but some parts of this movie look awkward to me. Do women really pleasure themselves from behind kneeling. It looks strained to me.
RE: Awkward
I agree with you 100%.
Ass shots
Thank you Stasha for a great show. Loads of lovely ass shots as a bonus too.
RE: Ass shots
I agree. Love the penetration and great butt and butthole looks especially the open butthole around 0800-820.
Beatyful Girl with a hot Body. I like her and I like what she is doing very much. It will become a great day! Please more of these films - great work.
stasha The pretty girl got perfect body nice pussy I love your orgasm