Silvie ausgezogen und unrasiert

December 3, 2013
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Privater Striptease

Sex-Appeal nur für Ihre Augen!

Sie haben schon bemerkt wie sie Sie bei der Arbeit in den Meetings mustert, all die heimlichen Blicke und das flirtende Lächeln. Aber könnte es wirklich angehen, daß die attraktivste Frau in ihre Firma ausgerechnet Sie will? Verwetten Sie Ihren Arsch drauf!

Sie bittet Sie abends noch etwas länger zu bleiben und verspricht Ihnen eine Nacht, die Sie so schnell nicht vergessen werden. Als sie endlich alleine mit Ihnen ist, erfreut sie Sie mit dem unglaublichsten Privatstriptease.

Und sie betont dabei den "Tease" ganz außerordentlich. Worauf warten Sie also noch?

  • Spielzeit: 10:36 Minuten
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beautiful bush.
Music request
Does anyone know the name of the song or artist at the beginning of the striptease? The drumbeat is used elsewhere on the site too. It is good for a striptease!
She is so hot and sexy! She definitely needs a male companion. I would love to mate with her. Can I meet her?
Sylvie undressed and unshaven
'To shave or not to shave?' Let's do the science, and then the art. Pubic hair is one sign of sexual maturity, and I personally find the shaved, 'prepubescent' appearance sexually un-stimulating. I am an adult, and find only other adults turn me on sexually. I think this is a good thing, on many levels. I like my women as I do my cheese and wine, MATURE! One beauty of pubic hair is the way it hides our view of that magic place that is the female pudenda, the site of such wonderful physical sensation, and the finest thing I know, true love-making. To bare all, legs akimbo, is tasteless and demeaning, and really does this site no credit at all. Pubic hair acts like a veil, as in 'the dance of the seven veils', so to speak, and tantalises us to wonder what delights are within. The absence of pubic hair also gives the model an unbalanced appearance, 'top heavy', that might be corrected by a shaven head as well, and while you are there, why not take the eyebrows off too? That would be truly 'shaven'. Not for me, thank you! Bring back real women who look adult, credible, and mysterious, and wonderfully attractive. I know you're out there, ladies! Also, the illogical, uncoordinated gymnastics towards the end of the film are just embarrassing, what were you thinking of?!
Isn't it ironic
Everybody seems to go crazy about her untamed pubes. Yet the video that is viewed most at the moment is the one in wich she gets rid of them.
L'érotisme et au delà
Je pense qu'il doit toujours rester une part de mystère dans l'érotisme.A cet égard le jeu de Sylvie , grâce à son"hairy pussy" , est une parfaite réussite.En revanche le final ,avec la vue en gros plan du vagin de Sylvie ,me semble dépasser les limites de l'érotisme et appartenir à un autre genre. Merci pour 95% de ce magnifique show .
An absolutely stunning film. Silvie is so natural. Love every bit of it and her.
Delightful un-dressing
Silvie shows us the true meaning of un-dressing! And in a truly delightful way. She's a totally natural and uninhibited girl and it really shows in this video. Of course we're all aware that Silvie knows a thing or 2 about sex and porn, and that only adds to her ravishing allure. She teases me to the point where I can no longer resist: YES girl, I really need to fuck you, right here and right now!
Nude vs. naked. I love the first part of the film - the dress, the music selection, the suggestion, the attendant desire. Silvie was more naked with that dress half on/half off, than she was without it and completely bare. Then, she was merely nude despite the ribald frolicking. Desire and imagination are more potent emotions than fulfillment (or, in this case, voyeuristic fulfillment.)
Dream Date
I love everything about Silvie, absolute everything. Would love to spend a day with her just to look into her beautiful eyes and experience her delightful playfulness in person. Her long legs and even long fingers and slim beautiful body turn me on and her smile! I keep saying I should go back to the Check Republic for the women there are stunning beauties like Silvie or at least from my experience there. Keep up this kind of film...
Silvie is the best. She's the top model on this site, imo, and the main reason that I am a member of this site.
Wild and sexy! Those long legs and labia are incredible! If only Ayla could be so uninhibited.
Silvie !!
I'd like to bury my face in that bush !! Beautiful !1
Beautiful bush! Love that bush!!
She looks a lot like Kristen Stewart except she smiles, which makes her prettier. I could use a little less bush but still a great film and I'd watch again and again. Hope to see much more of her in some action shots, soon.
Silvie Undressed
Its great when, as in this film, the model visibly enjoys herself during a shoot.