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Hegre.com es obra del galardonado fotógrafo Petter Hegre. Hegre.com es el sitio de fotografía de desnudo artístico mejor valorado en todo el mundo. Creado para dar una calidad superior a la fotografía de desnudo en internet, Hegre.com presenta películas y fotografías de las chicas desnudas más hermosas que se pueden encontrar on-line.

Fabulosa Fabi

March 15, 2005
6 comentarios
Definiendo la Elegancia

Fabi es la sofisticación en persona. Fabi tiene una elegancia natural, ese estilo ultra-femenino que deja a los hombres temblando y sin aliento con sólo mirarla.

Viste a Fabi en lencería negra y botas altas de cuero negro y tendrás una película de Hegre que te llevará al fondo de su atracción.

A Fabi le encanta ser una niña, y le encanta presumir su cuerpo largo y esbelto, y a ti te encantará ver cada uno de los movimientos que hace para que esa lencería y esas botas se vayan cayendo, cayendo, cayendo.

  • Duración: 3:53 Minutos
  • Formato:
    • SD 480p (17 MB)
    • SD 360p (9,8 MB)
    • SD 240p (6 MB)

Comentarios de los Miembros

Fabulous Fabi
Unfortunately there are only 5 stars. Nice work Petter, as always. I have been in love with you Fabi, ever since I first saw you. Your freckles are a turn-on. Amongst other things. Don't change anything. I want to see more, more, more of you. You should come to Vancouver and grace our city.
Siempre Fabi !
Never enough Fabi. Petter, how in the world do take this video without attacking? Does Luba stand nearby in case of, um, erectile emergencies? Fabi, your are my favorite by far ... what an amazingly breathtaking hottie you are! Please continue with Petter, as I will give him money just to see you!
nice movie
Fabi is nice, but little more naturalness would be good. She work on me very hard..But the movie is very nice..
Poetry In Motion
Very sexy girl that I had someone not yet discovered here as a member. Better than this movie, though, are the exquisite photographs Petter has blessed us with, particularly the collection "Fabi In Bed," which I think is some of his best work to date. Fabi, you are an incredibly sexy model and a gorgeous creature to behold--you literally seem to bloom before the camera, like some rare and beautiful orchid in the woods that glows upon discovery. I don't know where the chemistry comes from, but you have given Petter and us some of the most exquisite images imaginable and some of the best erotic art I've ever seen. Keep up the fabulous work, both of you, and, Fabi, don't you dare let a surgeon near those beautiful breasts of yours or I'll never write you another love letter!
My Lord! What a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c figure!!!
Top draw Pure class. A delight on the eye. For me the perfect girl,enchanting face long legs and a desirable bum. And the most gorgeous breasts and nipples. Laurie